Hi, thanks for visiting Spectrum Training Services.  My name is Joy, I am the founder of Spectrain.  I specialise in competency based training and development. You will find many examples of how I work with customers to identify the competencies that  make a significant difference to people, process and performance on this site. The drivers for this competency based approach to business development is to ensure that people are effective in what they do and how they deliver their services.

It is so easy for incompetence to walk through the door as a result of poor recruitment practice, and how that incompetence is accommodated through ineffective approaches to performance management. It is also astounding how much generic training and development that is purchased that fails to develop competence.

So, whether you need an approach to training that develops the competence that your business needs, or a little support with competency based recruitment, perhaps guidance around how to implement a competency framework.  Read on to identify how a focus on development of specific competence will benefit your business and please do contact me to explore some options.


We combine your knowledge of the business with research into future trends and best practice in your sector, and consider the competencies required  in the context of the challenges that people currently face to identify the skills, behaviours and essential mindsets that will enable people to generate effective solutions to business issues.

Positive Correlation to Business Outcomes

Competency frameworks provide clarity about performance expectations and establish a clear link between individual and organisational performance serving as a basis for aligning talent strategies to business strategies. Competencies are the embodiment of an organisations business strategy through its people.

Simple and Effective Competency Models

An effective competency model needs to be thorough enough to describe the behaviours that will contribute to organisational success. The key to having people value, and utilise the model is to keep it simple.

  • We identify the strengths of competent performers in your business those that achieve tangible results for the organisation

  • We validate the competency by providing evidence of the link between the performance and its positive impact on business outcomes

  • We design simple yet effective competency frameworks that focus upon the core competencies required to effect change

  • We design competency based development events tailored to the needs of your business and focused specifically on developing the competencies required.

  • We support the integration of a competency based approach with existing HR processes including recruitment, performance management, learning and development

  • We provide you with the skills to map competencies, create frameworks and develop competency-based training.

Our Customers

It has been a pleasure to work with Joy, who gave us great insight and valuable guidance on our competency framework development journey.  Joy demonstrated a wide knowledge on the subject which helped us enormously to create the finished product – Jaguar Land Rover’s first competency framework.  Thank you!

Louise Harrison, Jaguar Land Rover

Joy developed competency frameworks for our leadership and administration roles. She further developed training programmes mapped to the competencies to enable our employees to demonstrate and receive feedback on their performance and to identify development needs. Joy’s work provided the foundation for ongoing development of our performance and succession management strategy. She is Personable, An Expert, with High Integrity

Robert Hirst, Yemen LNG Company

Having worked with Joy on customised business training both internally  to develop our employees and externally to provide competency based solutions for our clients, I have been incredibly impressed by Joy’s commitment to providing business solutions and real practical experience. She injects renewed energy and lots of food for thought! Thank you Joy!

Victoria Jolly, CWC Solutions (Part of CWC Group Limited)
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Most of our customers identify one small area of the business where a competency based approach would make a tremendous difference
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Spectrain’s Standards and Awards

Spectrain The Award Winning Training Company Can be Found on The BILD Register. Spectrain are proud to hold The Learning Providers Mark of Distinction
Our executive coaching and mentoring activities provide support and guidance generating greater confidence while developing competence