The article Leadership Lessons from the Wizard of Oz describes the journey of a scarecrow, a tin Man, a lion characters who underestimated themselves and who already possessed the very qualities they aspired to.


The scarecrow demonstrates an ability to develop goals, foresight in anticipating the consequences An Accidental Heroof his actions, he adapts in the face of the unexpected. Driven by the belief that he didn’t have a brain and could easily have rotted without encouragement, focused feedback, recognition of his leadership ability. An accidental hero. Who is this character in your organisation?


The lion has no courage. Courage is expressed in many ways, those who acknowledge mistakes An Accidental Herodemonstrate courage, those who adapt as a result of learning from mistakes demonstrate courage. Those who embrace the interests of the team over self interests demonstrate courage. The lion can be perceived as aggressive, however, the lion is actually passionate about taking responsibility. Bravery is never about the shirking of responsibility.Just a little self awareness will help the lion to better articulate his passion. Are you having conversations that direct the passion of your lions?


The tin man, an accidental hero apparently with no heart. Leadership of the tin man requires An Accidental Heroempathy. The ability to tolerate, to understand and appreciate those that are different from us, an awareness of bias. Otherwise we can’t really imagine what it’s like to walk a mile in our tin man’s shoes. Conversations with this accidental hero can be challenging and are essential! Who is this in your team, when did you last have a conversation with your tin man?

Of course the outcome of the story is wonderful, having gained self-awareness the scarecrow, the lion and the tin man,become the wise, courageous and caring, rulers of the Emerald City. It could have gone so horribly wrong without Dorothy’s leadership.

Where is your Emerald City?

Who is on the journey with you?

Will the contribution of your hero’s be accidental?