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Joy Wilson is a learning and development consultant. She specializes in designing competency based learning and development solutions. . She holds the British Institute for Learning and Development Quality Mark -The Learning Providers Mark of Distinction . She is a fellow of The British Institute for Learning and Development and a provider of Accredited Learning Solutions. Joy is a Certified Learning Practitioner. She is recognised by The European Coaching and Mentoring Council

Little Value from Bigwigs and Stinking Thinking

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A big job had presented itself at training towers. The bigwigs had attended a continuous improvement seminar where they had been publicly embarrassed by the ring masters for their stinking thinking. The big wigs arrived at training towers and the gnomes were summoned. During a verbal thrashing the gnomes were told to put out to tender [...]

Learning – press pause this isn’t working

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Learning - press pause this isn’t working She’s there, the attendance register says so, ticks will go into boxes and records of learning will be kept. But she’s there in body only, her mind is elsewhere. She thinks is this Learning? I need to - press pause this isn’t working Today’s class is about the history [...]

Exploit and cultivate core competencies

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"How will you exploit and cultivate core competencies, those that will enable you to realise your strategic aims?" This is a question that I regularly ask during strategic planning workshops and one which leaders answer from a systems and process perspective. While systems are necessary for any company, most are not unique ,therefore, systems and expertise that [...]

Learning Design and The Art of Seduction

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One of the most important, difficult and common decisions that designers of learning make is whether to add interesting text, sounds, or visuals to learning material. We want to arouse interest,curiosity, engagement but it's important to know when these elements seduce learners and when they become a distraction. Learning Design and The Art of Seduction The [...]

Articulating Competencies

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The task of articulating competencies can be challenging, particularly for management teams who not well versed in the language of competencies can often encounter difficulties when they attempt to articulate competencies. Yet, (as I am sure the customers who I have worked with recently will confirm) the effort of articulating competencies reaps significant returns for the [...]


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There was a time when the past was quite helpful in predicting the future, but in today's volatile business environment we need to be receptive to new ideas. Strategy has shifted into a place where reliance on planning based on past decisions may no longer be the best approach to accommodate changing realities.   Ideacide I [...]

The Culture Lens

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What aspects of a person’s workplace behaviour can be attributed to their culture? Could it be that people of different cultures are essentially similar and their behaviour is influenced by organisational constraints and management action rather than by cultural characteristics?   Culture influences the behaviour of all individuals and groups within an organisation. It has an [...]

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