Business Simulation Dragons Den Development Activity

Our Dragons Den Development Activity is based upon the popular TV series Dragons Den where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas for a business to secure investment finance from elite business entrepreneurs.

TBusiness Simulation Dragons Den Development Activityeams have 3.5 hours to form and create a business product or service, and define a market. They need to be clear about their target market, who exactly is going to buy their product or services and how the product or service will be a benefit to consumers. After lunch with coaching support they put together a ‘pitch’ for investment from the Dragons.

Spectrain’s Dragons will come along to evaluate the presentations and following some critical strategic questions they will select the winner based upon specific Dragon criteria and provide valuable feedback on your business ideas, and your teams performance during the presentations.



The Dragons Den development activity is a simulation, designed to develop or assess entrepreneurial skills and your ability to:


  • Work in teams
  • Research, collaborate and come up with a business idea
  • Produce a range of evidence to support your pitch and influence the Dragons that your business is worth investment
  • Develop your presentation
  • Present your idea aim to influence to the Dragons


The dragons are looking for the following competencies:

  • Evidence of ability to accommodate the ideas of others and utilize team talents
  • Creative approaches to product/service marketing
  • Organisational ability and able to meet deadlines
  • Confident and creative when presenting clear about the benefits of the product/service
  • Clear and concise answers demonstrating your well thought through strategy


And also for your ability to demonstrate the following:

  • Research – Establish and provide evidence of what customers want, define who your customers are
  • Product – Demonstrate that your product that satisfies your customers needs
  • Price – To justify how you have arrived at a price, so your customers can afford the product but also you and the dragons must be able to make a profit
  • Promotion – Present ideas about how will you promote the product…which channels will you use?
  • Markets– Identify where you will sell the product?



IIf you have your own dragons then we would be happy for them to play the roles of assessors. Spectrain’s dragons are awesome, all professional actors with a HR background they make the event authentic and are sensitive to participants needs.

Dragons Den Development Activity

I really enjoyed the dragons den activity during our strategic planning course. Pitching to senior managers provided an opportunity to demonstrate that we understood our market and could contribute to our organisations development
YPFB Bolivia

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