Change Leadership requires an essential set of competencies to enable you to plan, implement, manage, and sell change as a compelling opportunity. If you are ready for the change challenge take a look at our change leadership training course

Facilitating Change Moving from Bitter to Better

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Facilitation can be a delicate process, particularly for me today because I am holding 6 raw eggs and my audience are feeling bitter, my aim is to create an environment where we can consider the impact of entrenched patterns of behaviour and consider the mindsets required to move from bitter to better. Facilitating Change I have [...]

An Accidental Hero

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The article Leadership Lessons from the Wizard of Oz describes the journey of a scarecrow, a tin Man, a lion characters who underestimated themselves and who already possessed the very qualities they aspired to.   The scarecrow demonstrates an ability to develop goals, foresight in anticipating the consequences of his actions, he [...]

Employee Training and Fatally Flawed Thinking

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Training is about change and the sad truth is that many companies go about initiating that change in entirely the wrong way. Training is effective as the LAST step to personal and organizational change but it is rarely an effective FIRST step….Why? Employee Training and Fatally Flawed Thinking Often manager’s use training as an alternative and [...]

Top Tips for Choosing and Using External Consultants

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Many organisations find that consultants fail to deliver what was expected, and yet, many consultants experience a sense of sheer frustration because of scope creep or lack of clarity because expected outcomes have not been clearly defined. Consultants thrive on their reputation So, before you consider hiring a consultant, consider these  Top Tips for Choosing and [...]

No Change?

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Many organisations begin a change process and find that their efforts are not having the desired impact. Are you finding No Change?   Banging your head against a brick wall  trying to figure out why your change initiatives are not producing results? It's not easy to have a precise plan to assist during management of change,  [...]

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy with Hindsight

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There you were during the pre-project planning, identifying costs and time-scales  manpower requirements and scheduling activities that would lead to the successful and timely completion of the project. Sure, there were some conflicts and some areas of discomfort while scenario planning, forecasting identifying risks. Somebody asked about an engagement strategy as a guide to working with a variety [...]

Dodgy Decisions When Your Reality Check Bounces

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Why do managers want to or fail to see some things and not others? What are the filters that screen, cloud, and distort their reality? Perception is our manufacturing process it leads to an output or product.  In this case the product is a decision, judgement, a conclusion we reach about a situation.  The process of [...]

How performance can deteriorate

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Amjad’s Story - How performance can deteriorate  It appeared to be an amazing opportunity at the time, I embraced it fully, enthusiastic, keen to develop, and willing to learn. Working with expatriates was different and presented some challenges, I was certain I could adapt and hoped that the expatriates would also be willing to understand my cultural [...]

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