Change Leadership requires an essential set of competencies to enable you to plan, implement, manage, and sell change as a compelling opportunity. If you are ready for the change challenge take a look at our change leadership training course

Leaders, are you encouraging followersheep?

Many years ago we were approached by a large public sector department to deliver a leadership development programme. Prior to receiving the materials I had formed expectations about the content of the course; however, when I received the material the content was so fundamentally different to what I had [...]

Leaders tune in to your ethical drivers and value systems

Most leaders conform to corporate standards of behaviour and behave ethically when things are going their way, however, personal value systems are installed at an early age and they become our default operating system, many leaders therefore may default to unethical behaviours when their needs or goals are compromised

Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking or Just a Little Rusty? Many employees have just lost a focus on their job, they are on the payroll, but mentally they are rusting slowly and as they decay they loose commitment and effectiveness, they lacklustre and just don’t have a heart for doing things any more. Read on to discover how to avoid rusty and decaying employees!

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