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Workplace communications are not just about exchanging information. When done well, there is real opportunity to move organizations forward, engaging employees in collective dialogue that supports the organization’s mission and vision.

Leaders who consistently plan communications to connect employees to strategies in plain language, and use it as an opportunity to relate the organization’s initiatives and progress, help to excite, inspire and motivate employees, keeping them working together toward success.

The conversation cul-de-sac

Have you ever navigated into a conversation cul-de-sac? A dead end street! When did you last find yourself in a conversation that took an unexpected turn? A comment that embarrassed or offended you? A comment that stunned you into silence or panic. Yesterday I was working with a group of professionals whose customers are challenging for a variety of reasons. On the receiving end of a range of aggressive behaviours chosen to belittle to shock, to denigrate, these professionals feel beaten up, overwhelmed and as a result are often backed into a conversation cul-de-sac. This group once knew how to [...]

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