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The Peter Principle From Competence to Incompetence

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Laurence J. Peter analysed hundreds of cases of occupational incompetence which led him to formulate The Peter Principle. The Peter Principle book is extremely humorous, a satirical model, it was first published in 1969. What is surprising is that many of us continue to experience the impact of occupational incompetence resulting from ridiculous promotion decisions. For [...]

Exploit and cultivate core competencies

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"How will you exploit and cultivate core competencies, those that will enable you to realise your strategic aims?" This is a question that I regularly ask during strategic planning workshops and one which leaders answer from a systems and process perspective. While systems are necessary for any company, most are not unique ,therefore, systems and expertise that [...]

Articulating Competencies

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The task of articulating competencies can be challenging, particularly for management teams who not well versed in the language of competencies can often encounter difficulties when they attempt to articulate competencies. Yet, (as I am sure the customers who I have worked with recently will confirm) the effort of articulating competencies reaps significant returns for the [...]


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Incompetence it's infectious, incompetence permeates through organisations subtly infecting others like pathogenic bacteria. How does incompetence creep into the organisation? Infectious incompetence thrives in people, those with fixed mindsets who have become experts at the blame game. Failure defines them. However, this incompetence hides inside the cells of the immune system represented by the culture within the [...]

Competency Based Learning and Development

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Why do organisations invest in competency based learning and development? In my experience organisations invest in competency based learning and development to address the irrelevance of content to occupational performance among the products offered by many learning and development providers.   What is Competence? Competence is an observable characteristic of expertise. It is not the expertise itself, but the [...]

What Are Competencies?

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Many organisations have recognised the huge benefits to be gained from the introduction of competency frameworks.   By focusing on the inputs (competencies) and on (outputs) performance, companies can build a picture of the capabilities of the workforce and can use this profile to recruit, develop and align  job requirements to strategic goals and targets. The Benefits [...]

Competency Based Training NEEDS Analysis

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As a provider of learning and development services I get frequent requests for designs of bespoke training courses and for delivery of existing courses into a range of organisations in various sectors. Each situation involves the addressing the development needs of unique individuals in groups and therefore requires an analysis of training needs. Whether we design [...]

Recruitment and Past Performance

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If you bought a tin of glue and discovered it didn’t hold 2 surfaces together you may get a little angry, if you had a guard dog but proceeded to run outside and bark yourself whenever an intruder approached your property you would be mad! Likewise would you want to recruit a police officer or a [...]

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