Competency based recruitment is essential to meet the increasing demand to select people who demonstrate the specific competencies required for the role and fit in with the wider context of working within the organisation, do they align with the organisation’s values, and how effective are they when building relationships with colleagues and customers? A competency-based approach to recruitment and selection

Articulating Competencies

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The task of articulating competencies can be challenging, particularly for management teams who not well versed in the language of competencies can often encounter difficulties when they attempt to articulate competencies. Yet, (as I am sure the customers who I have worked with recently will confirm) the effort of articulating competencies reaps significant returns for the [...]

Recruitment and Past Performance

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If you bought a tin of glue and discovered it didn’t hold 2 surfaces together you may get a little angry, if you had a guard dog but proceeded to run outside and bark yourself whenever an intruder approached your property you would be mad! Likewise would you want to recruit a police officer or a [...]

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