Facilitating Change

A series of articles containing useful tips to help you to engage people with change and guide you through the process of facilitating change initiatives.

The conversation cul-de-sac

Have you ever navigated into a conversation cul-de-sac? A dead end street! When did you last find yourself in a conversation that took an unexpected turn? A comment that embarrassed or offended you? A comment that stunned you into silence or panic. Yesterday I was working with a group of professionals whose customers are challenging for a variety of reasons. On the receiving end of a range of aggressive behaviours chosen to belittle to shock, to denigrate, these professionals feel beaten up, overwhelmed and as a result are often backed into a conversation cul-de-sac. This group once knew how to [...]

Facilitating Change Moving from Bitter to Better

Facilitation can be a delicate process, particularly for me today because I am holding 6 raw eggs and my audience are feeling bitter, my aim is to create an environment where we can consider the impact of entrenched patterns of behaviour and identify the mindsets required to move from bitter to better. I have a strong connection with the group, a deep understanding of the business and barriers to change that they face but they are avoiding issues they say they want to tackle, its time to identify and break some of those limiting patterns. I start [...]


There was a time when the past was quite helpful in predicting the future, but in today's volatile business environment we need to be receptive to new ideas yet we commit ideacide! Strategy has shifted into a place where reliance on planning based on past decisions may no longer be the best approach to accommodate changing realities. I work with senior executives and operational managers to facilitate strategic planning workshops. That title may have misled you since most of the learning is aimed at developing strategic thinking skills. I have found that if I publish that I meet with huge [...]

The power of positive questions

[/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container] [/fusion_builder_column] Imagine the impact of transforming your team’s mindset from problems to possibilities, from blame to empathy, from opposition to collaboration; it is possible to transform your team through the power of positive questions using the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry. I have been using this technique with a team who I have been working with as an action learning set facilitator. Faced with an aggressive change agenda riddled with complex organisational issues, lost in the land of uncertainty, they had drifted into mediocrity. The initial issues they brought to the action [...]

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