Human resource management activity absolutely must be aligned to the strategic plans of the business. Understanding the future direction of the business and the human resource management activity that supports that journey requires human resource managers to think and plan strategically

Top Tips for Choosing and Using External Consultants

Many organisations find that consultants fail to deliver what was expected, and yet, many consultants experience a sense of sheer frustration because of scope creep or lack of clarity because expected outcomes have not been clearly defined. Consultants thrive on their reputation So, before you consider hiring a [...]

Management Effectiveness – Zero – Entertainment Value – Costly

A True Story In a place far, far away there is an organisation whose managers had been dropping like flies, Bitter battles between share holders, some, unencumbered with the burden of intelligence had contributed to this situation. I bit my tongue, and watched the procession of comings and [...]

Leaders, are you encouraging followersheep?

Many years ago we were approached by a large public sector department to deliver a leadership development programme. Prior to receiving the materials I had formed expectations about the content of the course; however, when I received the material the content was so fundamentally different to what I had [...]

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