Human resource management activity absolutely must be aligned to the strategic plans of the business. Understanding the future direction of the business and the human resource management activity that supports that journey requires human resource managers to think and plan strategically

Finding Weeds in Your Human Resources Garden

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The various departments in your organisation have their own unique territories.  Like gardens, weeds spring up in these territories. Fortunately many weeds are pretty easy to deal with; catching them young before they reproduce and take over is most effective. However, there are weeds that present far bigger challenges. These perennial weeds live from year to [...]

Competency Based Training NEEDS Analysis

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As a provider of learning and development services I get frequent requests for designs of bespoke training courses and for delivery of existing courses into a range of organisations in various sectors. Each situation involves the addressing the development needs of unique individuals in groups and therefore requires an analysis of training needs. Whether we design [...]

Cost Effectiveness of Your Training Investment

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Training can be an expensive proposition, when you factor in all direct and indirect costs, training can quickly become a huge expense. Think about how much your company is investing in employee training and development and consider the effectiveness of your existing strategies for obtaining as high a return as possible on this investment. This article [...]

The Three R’s Recruitment, Retention and Reputation

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Offering feedback to unsuccessful candidates who have attended for interview is considered best practice in recruitment and selection. It places a value on those who have shown an interest in working at your organisation and have made a commitment to both apply and attend for an interview. The Three R's Recruitment, Retention and Reputation In the [...]

Top Tips for Choosing and Using External Consultants

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Many organisations find that consultants fail to deliver what was expected, and yet, many consultants experience a sense of sheer frustration because of scope creep or lack of clarity because expected outcomes have not been clearly defined. Consultants thrive on their reputation So, before you consider hiring a consultant, consider these  Top Tips for Choosing and [...]

No Change?

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Many organisations begin a change process and find that their efforts are not having the desired impact. Are you finding No Change?   Banging your head against a brick wall  trying to figure out why your change initiatives are not producing results? It's not easy to have a precise plan to assist during management of change,  [...]

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