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Learning DesignLearning design is so much more than cutting and pasting text and images. Learning design is about understanding the psychology of learning and designing learning experiences that enable people to practice, store, retrieve and apply learning

Pond Life Professional Parasites and Plagiarists

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I received an email message from a lady in who had been on our Problem Solving Course, energised and enthused by her mastery of the tools and techniques she had recommended the course to her colleagues. Her organisation publishes a schedule for it's in -house courses. This particular course was oversubscribed for many months to come. [...]

Beryl’s Table, Sid’s Bonds, Ted’s Trauma, and Cattitude

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Beryl is confused about the delivery date of her new table, she thinks she has made a mistake and now needs to accompany her husband Albert at his hospital appointment. Beryl likes to talk (a lot) and listening is made even more difficult by the constant yapping of her dog Bowser. The Black Stuff was founded [...]

Competency Based Training NEEDS Analysis

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As a provider of learning and development services I get frequent requests for designs of bespoke training courses and for delivery of existing courses into a range of organisations in various sectors. Each situation involves the addressing the development needs of unique individuals in groups and therefore requires an analysis of training needs. Whether we design [...]

Feedback is the food of progress, sometimes it doesn’t taste nice

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I admire and encourage people who can express their creativity with whatever tools are available, but having access to PowerPoint and Clip Art does not make you a learning designer. I have owned a hammer for many years but that doesn't mean I can build a house. So when a customer asked me to update some materials created by a [...]

Is your Training and Development Footprint Shrinking?

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Learning professionals have always known that they should be measuring the return on Investment from training and development or the contribution of their interventions in terms of business performance, but there has been very little external pressure on them to do so. As long as there was a demand for training coupled with the happiest of [...]

Transfer This Before You Purchase Training that makes No Difference

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Would you transfer funds from your account into an asset that does not enable you to measure its contribution to your business? That is effectively what you are doing when you send an employee on a training course without giving any thought to what you expect from your investment following the event. In the training and [...]

Media Misdemeanours in the Middle East

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While developing a competency framework for a large telecoms provider in the Middle East I was interviewing middle managers who occupied a range of roles. One manager was involved in marketing the organisations products and services. An aspect of our conversation focused upon advertising and the challenge of appealing to a variety of market segments in [...]

Leaning Transfer Developing Wings

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For Khalid Al – Shammeri and the dream team in Kuwait  Three challenges confront designers of learning materials and those who deliver training.  Challenge one is linked to interest, how to turn on the learning machine and ensure that the learner is motivated to rehearse or apply the techniques. The second challenge is related to creating [...]