Learning DesignLearning design is so much more than cutting and pasting text and images.

Learning design is about understanding the psychology of learning and designing learning experiences that engage, excite and enable people to practice, store, retrieve and apply learning

Transfer This Before You Purchase Training that makes No Difference

Would you transfer funds from your account into an asset that does not enable you to measure its contribution to your business? That is effectively what you are doing when you send an employee on a training course without giving any thought to what you expect from your [...]

Media Misdemeanours in the Middle East

While developing a competency framework for a large telecoms provider in the Middle East I was interviewing middle managers who occupied a range of roles. One manager was involved in marketing the organisations products and services. An aspect of our conversation focused upon advertising and the challenge of [...]

Leaning Transfer Developing Wings

For Khalid Al – Shammeri and the dream team in Kuwait  Three challenges confront designers of learning materials and those who deliver training.  Challenge one is linked to interest, how to turn on the learning machine and ensure that the learner is motivated to rehearse or apply the [...]

Learning from Dire Ear and the Mad Hatter

Here at Spectrain we receive requests for a variety of customised materials, related to training, development. We also produce presentations for corporate events, and individuals who are pitching for sales. Recently we were recommended to an individual who had reached the final stage of a recruitment process for [...]

Recall and the Rule of Three

Workshops Don’t End When Learners Leave Thats why these recall and the rule of three techniques are essential. Workshops provide stimulus to change, and as learners leave with their action plans we hope that they transfer their leaning implementing their new skills and knowledge with huge success. Good facilitators [...]

The TimeBoxing Technique for Learning Designers

Designers of learning and development solutions frequently build learning solutions that have a prescribed time period and most designers, including myself, sub consciously chew over possible solutions and approaches to the blend of methodologies for days lost in the flow of artistic creation and exhaustive consideration of endless possibilities [...]

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