Cost Effectiveness of Your Training Investment

Training can be an expensive proposition, when you factor in all direct and indirect costs, training can quickly become a huge expense. Think about how much your company is investing in employee training and development and consider the effectiveness of your existing strategies for obtaining as high a return as possible on this investment. This article considers the Cost Effectiveness of Your Training Investment. The Cost of Training & Development To get a complete picture of the impact of training on your company’s bottom line, it is wise to look beyond such direct expenses as the cost of the workshop and [...]

Transfer This Before You Purchase Training that makes No Difference

Transfer This Before You Purchase Training that makes No Difference.  Would you transfer funds from your account into an asset that does not enable you to measure its contribution to your business? That is effectively what you are doing when you send an employee on a training course without giving any thought to what you expect from your investment following the event. In the training and development industry there are players  who will take advantage of customers who are not educated in the identification of need and the transfer and application of training back into the work. These purchasers of [...]

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