How do you measure the return on training investment from your training activity?  Do you notice confident displays of competence when people return from training courses? Can you tap into their new skills immediately to ensure a return on training investment?

Little Value from Bigwigs and Stinking Thinking

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A big job had presented itself at training towers. The bigwigs had attended a continuous improvement seminar where they had been publicly embarrassed by the ring masters for their stinking thinking. The big wigs arrived at training towers and the gnomes were summoned. During a verbal [...]

Employee Training and Fatally Flawed Thinking

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Training is about change and the sad truth is that many companies go about initiating that change in entirely the wrong way. Training is effective as the LAST step to personal and organizational change but it is rarely an effective FIRST step….Why? Employee Training and Fatally Flawed Thinking Often [...]

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