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Tips for Training provides tips for successfully managing a range of potentially difficult situations during delivery of training.

Sometimes we encounter situations during delivery of training that could have been avoided with a little hindsight.


So whether you want to add variety to your training delivery, manage class room challengers, help people to retain learning or simply provide a warm welcome our tips for training series will help

The power of positive questions

Imagine the impact of transforming your team’s mindset from problems to possibilities, from blame to empathy, from opposition to collaboration; it is possible to transform your team through the power of positive questions using the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry. I have been using this technique with a team who I have been working with as an action learning set facilitator. Faced with an aggressive change agenda riddled with complex organisational issues, lost in the land of uncertainty, they had drifted into mediocrity. The initial issues they brought to the action learning sets described mutual [...]

The Ladder of Inference In Action

The ladder of inference is a simple and yet insightful model that suggests our actions are determined via a causal loop of inference or opinion about a situation based upon a tiny piece of data, and occasionally an absence of data. We choose exclusively to tune into certain data and we ignore the wealth of supplementary data that is available to us. We fail to test the data to validate the conclusion that has formed in a nano second and we form a belief about a person or an event the believe influences our actions. Later in this article I [...]

Managing the Classroom Challenger

Managing the classroom challenger. Another article in the tips for trainers series...Imagine the scene, it’s the first day in front of a new group of people, this contract is important to you and you hope that your  training course will attract favourable reviews. You are both positive and confident.   You begin to describe the outcomes and benefits of the course with great enthusiasm and barely make it to the end of your third sentence when you are confronted by the classroom challenger. Fresh out of charm school. A professional heckler! Mr obnoxious clearly has taken an opinion pill and continues [...]

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The TimeBoxing Technique for Learning Designers

Designers of learning and development solutions frequently build learning solutions that have a prescribed time period.  Most designers, including myself, sub consciously chew over possible solutions and approaches to the blend of methodologies for days lost in the flow of artistic creation and exhaustive consideration of endless possibilities.  It could go on for weeks on end if allowed to. There is often a misconception that structure gets in the way of generating new ideas. However the creative process thrives under constraints and this discipline actually encourages more ideas to make it to the table. Deadlines tend to focus the mind [...]

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