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Spectrain design and deliver competency based training and development programmes.

We have designed training and development solutions for a range of organisation in a variety of sectors since 1998.

We have achieved the BILD quality mark for our training and development services.

Our workshops and virtual training events are engaging, interactive, and enable the delevlopment of competence and confidence.

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Smarter Facilitation

I always welcome the opportunity to co-facilitate. Almost without exception I work with some wonderfully talented people with much smarter facilitation skills than me. It never ceases to amaze me how almost (that word again) on these occasions the delivery is seamless, it appears that this double act has been together for years. We appear to naturally tap into complimentary skills,  of course there is discussion about who feels confident to deliver which parts of the workshop, how we can play to strengths, and with agreement we start and fall into a collaborative rhythm. Not too long ago there was [...]

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Little Value from Bigwigs and Stinking Thinking

A big job had presented itself at training towers. The bigwigs had attended a continuous improvement seminar where they had been publicly embarrassed by the ring masters for their stinking thinking. The big wigs arrived at training towers and the gnomes were summoned. During a verbal thrashing the gnomes were told to put out to tender a management development programme. I’ve just finished writing a proposal for a management development programme. Provided with a list of fluffy objectives that could only have been written by an inebriated gnome with a very low threshold for success. These managers [...]

Misplace Mistakes

Mistakes are the food of learning, provided we reflect on them and consciously consider the errors made, yet sometimes we find it difficult to shake them off, or to to misplace mistakes.Trial and error learning involves activity in which a variety of responses to solve a task are tentatively tried and some discarded until the correct solution is found and our mistakes are replaced with correct responses. With no trial, there’s no error and no learning.   For many of us when we make a mistake we feel bad at that moment but that feeling passes and often days later  we [...]

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The power of positive questions

[/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container] [/fusion_builder_column] Imagine the impact of transforming your team’s mindset from problems to possibilities, from blame to empathy, from opposition to collaboration; it is possible to transform your team through the power of positive questions using the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry. I have been using this technique with a team who I have been working with as an action learning set facilitator. Faced with an aggressive change agenda riddled with complex organisational issues, lost in the land of uncertainty, they had drifted into mediocrity. The initial issues they brought to the action [...]

Pond Life Professional Parasites and Plagiarists

I received an email message from a lady in who had been on our Problem Solving Course, energised and enthused by her mastery of the tools and techniques she had recommended the course to her colleagues. Her organisation publishes a schedule for it's in -house courses. This particular course was oversubscribed for many months to come. Despite the incredible reviews of this course I wondered why I hadn’t been asked to deliver it. I know one or two training providers who had courses scheduled to run in this organisation. So I used their super sleuth detective talents to find out [...]

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Training Twaddle About Evaluation

At the quarterly management meeting heads of department were presenting progress reports. Head of distribution had just finished sharing his news on the goods lost in transit and damaged goods issues. He was applauded for the significant  impact of these initiatives in the reduction in customer complaints and the decrease in goods being written off, demonstrating some very impressive financial gains.     The next presentation was from Training and Development, known for their slick and impressive presentations this was no exception, graphs and charts displayed data related to numbers of people attending training courses, there was a wonderful selection [...]

Memory Understanding and Doing

Memory Understanding and Doing – MUD just one of the essential processes we use when designing learning, it helps to ensure learners achieve a variety of learning goals and are able to assimilate with existing knowledge, accommodate new knowledge and encode or write what they know to long term memory to enable application when that time arrives. Learning designers use a range of models to guide our approach from Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction to the systems oriented model of Smith and Ragan. It is this solid foundation knowledge of theory, models, and design principles that provides a designer with the [...]

The Ladder of Inference In Action

The ladder of inference is a simple and yet insightful model that suggests our actions are determined via a causal loop of inference or opinion about a situation based upon a tiny piece of data, and occasionally an absence of data. We choose exclusively to tune into certain data and we ignore the wealth of supplementary data that is available to us. We fail to test the data to validate the conclusion that has formed in a nano second and we form a belief about a person or an event the believe influences our actions. Later in this article I [...]

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