Our Competency Based Development Courses are designed specifically to develop the capabilities, and skills  to enable organisations to define, attract, secure, manage, develop and retain,the people with the competencies required to sustain the organisation’s capability to out-perform the competition over time.

A competency framework is a skills and behaviours road map and if it is current  it Competency Based Development Training Courseswill provide the direction required for individuals to grow and align with the business development needs. A competency framework enables translation of strategy into job-related  skills and behaviours enabling clarity, transparency, and progression paths.

If seamlessly integrated a behavioural competency framework provides a consistent and transparent approach to the management of people by aligning HR processes  and performance management and development activities with the requirements of the business.


On these pages of our site you will find details of our Competency Based Development Courses, Are you interested in learning more? Check out these competence based courses and resources:

On Going Competency Development

We can encourage the ongoing development of competency through Apps which supports the delivery and impact of learning and development programmes by increasing engagement, tapping into the knowledge and experience of the cohort and providing a supportive community in the application of learning.

We can provide individuals in cohorts with self assessment material, how to guides, just in time job aids, podcasts to support their development.

  • Are You Confident in Your Business Competence?


Competency Based Development Training Courses

Competency Based Performance Management Training

Managing performance is not difficult provided the performance required is clearly defined. Performance management starts with recognising competencies – the skills knowledge and behaviours that make performance effective. So, whether you are involved in a nationalisation project or simply need to ensure that you have identified the competencies that ensure the best possible performance of your people this powerful workshop will enable you to identify and interpret the competencies that are essential to ensuring effective contribution from all in your organisation


This competency based performance management training course will enable you to identify the competencies that are essential to ensuring effective contributions from the job roles in your organisation. Following this event participants will be confident to identify the competencies that make performance effective and manage that performance successfully

Who will Benefit?

Those who wish to establish a competency based approach to performance management. This training course can be delivered in house and utilise your existing competency framework. The aim of the in house event is to enable managers to be confident when applying a competency based approach.

Duration 3 Days

Competency Based Development Course Content

The Benefits of an Integrated Competency Framework

  • Competencies – a powerful enabler to business performance.
  • What is business performance?
  • How does climate influence performance?
  • What influences climate?
  • Utilising process to improve performance
  • Job Roles and Capability
  • How role statements contribute to effective performance management
  • Generic roles, Contribution levels, and Business areas
  • How to focus on contribution and not task, role purpose and not activity
  • Using Competency Frameworks to aid recruitment and selection, employee development, and performance management

Measuring WHAT and HOW with equal importance

  • Constructing a competency framework for your organisation
  • Applications of competency frameworks to Performance, Potential &
  • Development
  • Methods of Assessing Competence
  • What is capability? Knowledge, skills and behaviour?
  • What is achievement? Recognising achievement and progression
  • Assessing achievement and capability
  • Application of achievement ratings
  • On going competency development techniques
  • Measuring Individual Contribution

How to manage performance with the measurement process in place

  • What we can measure better, we can manage better
  • Presenting the data clearly
  • Analysing the data
  • Establishing clear Goals and Objectives
  • Self monitoring by employees and teams

Our Competency Based Development Training Courses are designed to focus on the application of the competency in context.