Design Competency Based Learning and Development Materials

We Design Competency Based Learning and Development Materials. We remove all of the potential distractions and irrelevant content to enable learners to develop and practice the specific competencies required in the context of their role. We want learning to be efficient, effective, and immediately transferable.
Design Competency Based Training and Development Materials,

Because  our learning designs are competency based our learning materials are current, contextualized, related to your sector.

We ensure our learning is activity based, to engage learners, enable practice and collaboration and to embed the competencies that make an essential contribution to your business.

We work closely with you to identify core competencies and the most efficient and effective delivery methods to engage all of your learners.

Content Curation

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Wonderful Webinars

Do you work with customers to deliver training online and wonder if they are still engaged? Our learning by design course is for you if you want increased interaction with customers. Develop learning design competencies and design activities that will keep your customers engaged Learning By Design is our latest course for learning designers

This blended approach to learning is aimed at those who design and deliver learning and want to better influence their audience to ensure retention and application of the learning. The course is for you if you want to design engaging competency based training and development materials

What Customers Say

“Joy, My colleague Michael just told me that he had a training with you this week and was so happy about the way you did the training. I told him that was exactly the same for me (and my others colleagues), we were so lucky to have a teacher like you, the training was so lively! Thank You.”

Author: Anne Jequier – DuPont de Nemours International Sàrl

“I have used Spectrain’s design service on a number of occasions and have consistently been presented with a product with an outstanding quality of finish.:”I am guilty of information overload, so, I find Joy’s ability to clarify needs and outcomes, enables me to focus on key messages and work alongside her to develop a storyboard from an audience focused perspective.

Joy’s designs include film media, animation, sound, images and fonts, all carefully selected to enhance the message, she can always justify her use of imagery, etc to support the message… everything has to have a reason. The outcome for me is the certainty of a perfect and polished presentation of my ideas”.
Author: Julie Briers  – Sunlight Service Group