Our Developing Business Awareness Training Course has been designed to enable new entrants and graduates to develop business awareness and demonstrate what the business values. You will develop the skills, behaviours and appreciate the techniques, processes and tools that are essential for youDeveloping Business Awareness Training Course  to make successful contribution to business.  The pace and complexity of change in the business world means that we all need to evaluate constantly how we interact and impact in the business environment.

Every business situation is unique. Competitors, suppliers and customers are constantly making decisions and acting to maximize their efficiency and effectiveness and align to changing environments. Your success depends on your ability to be “Business Aware”  respond to the changes and add value.


Developing Business Awareness

This Developing Business Awareness Training Course is tailored for you completely free of charge it is ideal for developing commercial awareness among new entrants or graduates to get them up to speed quickly. That way they can begin to make an early contribution to the business

Developing Business Awareness


Who will Benefit?

Duration 2 days. This programme is for you if you wish to:

  • Better understand your organisation and the business environment in which it operates
  • Interpret and demonstrate what the organisations values
  • Recognise your professional role as part of the team and develop strategies for enhancing your service provision
  • Create meaningful relationships with your colleagues at all levels and from a variety of cultural backgrounds
  • Develop strategies for planning and organising work
  • Deliver Quality Communications. Recognise the importance of timing when communicating messages and time those messages for maximum effect
  • Adopt a systematic approach to problem solving and decision making

Developing Business Awareness has been designed to provide you with a tool kit of business survival techniques by being more aware of your options you will be armed with choices and skills to make valuable contributions to a variety of situations. This programme aimed at new entrants, graduates, and field based employees who need to accelerate their business knowledge to enable them to contribute quickly and effectively The course can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business .

Course Content

Discover the different aspects of business organisations and their economic, political and social contexts.

  • Explore how the organisation of the production of goods and services can add value to a business.
  • Business in the Community and its Environment
  • External Factors affecting Business
  • Types of Business Organizations: Ownership and Operation
  • Business Objectives and Your Contribution
  • Working effectively with cultural differences
  • The Value of diversity – Appreciating, and understanding cultural differences
  • Your Culture – What makes you proud?
  • Analysing and evaluating situations from a variety of cultural perspectives
  • Analysing non verbal behaviour – Appreciate the meaning of gestures, posture, voice and context.
  • Formal and non formal behaviours and preferences


The Enterprise Game Activity

As in real business life, success is achieved by selling and delivering product to customers and by building up the Enterprise by careful re-investment of the profits earned. During this activity you are owners of your own Enterprise, investing money and selling product in order to maximise the value of your business. Players and teams are competing, you will decide between investment in assets and keeping cash in hand for operating costs and you will make decisions about which customers and geographical locations your representatives will attract customers from and the speed and efficiency at which you can service those customers will depend upon the quality of the decisions you make.


The quality of the communication dictates the response you get! This session aims to help you to recognise the elements of effective communication and develop the skills to deliver clear, concise and powerful messages.

  • Identifying the core purpose and content of communications
  • Recognising the barriers to effective communications
  • Appealing to a range of senses & emotions when communicating
  • Developing effective questioning techniques
  • There is more to listening than you might have heard! Active listening
  • Word Power – How to use different styles and patterns of language to influence others
  • Structuring your message and clarifying expectations
  • Recognising the importance of timing when communicating messages

Identify the Key Results Areas for your job.

  • What our organisation values – Demonstrating the values
  • Identifying the space that you occupy in your organisations structure and your key result areas – purpose and performance
  • Developing business awareness – Being aware of the business areas where your contribution counts
  • The SAND Analysis (Strengths Achievements, Needs, Demands) How do these factors impact your service?

Getting Results is down to Detail

The magic behind every outstanding performance is always found in the smallest of details.  During this module you will assess yourself against criteria for work effectiveness. We will also consider the importance of details in a team based activity where you will be responsible for managing cash and processing wages payments and that needs attention to detail!

  • Deadline 30 minutes team activity
  • Managing and minimising the impact of  mistakes
  • Work effectiveness indicator, assess yourself against 20 work effectiveness competencies

Powerful Problem Solving

An opportunity to learn how to make smarter decisions, and become a master of techniques and methodologies that enable competent problem solving.

  • The Decision Making Model
  • Apply the Six Step Approach
  • A Toolkit of Problem Solving Techniques

Next steps

Identifying what you should StopStart? Continue?


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