Communications Training Course

Effective Communications Training Course

The effective communications training course will enable you to explore, practice, and perfect the skills of becoming an outstanding communicator.

From interpersonal communications, to influencing larger groups during negotiations, and meetings, you will discover dozens of ways to dramatically improve your communications effectiveness.

Duration 2 Days

This workshop aims to help you to recognise the elements of effective communication and develop the skills to deliver clear, concise and powerful messages.

During this workshop you will begin to develop skills that with practice will enable you to:

  • Assess the positive and limited aspects of using your preferred communication style
  • Understand the role of memory and how it affects our ability to remember messages
  • Recognise the importance of timing when communicating messages and time those messages for maximum effect
  • Recognise the roles of power and influence in communications
  • Demonstrate how to maximize ownership and commitment to your message
  • Develop communication techniques that influence and engage people [/fusion_old_tab]

We can all benefit from this event. The programme is highly participative and consists of group discussion, case study and interactive activities. Participants will receive constructive feedback to allow them to develop their ability to communicate with confidence

Effective Communications Training Course Content

Communicating for Understanding

  • Buzz Words  Activity
  • Mis communications – Misleading?
  • Identifying the core purpose and content of communications
  • Your communications in context – Communication Skills Inventory
  • Leave your emotions at home! Mis communications and emotional control/intelligence
  • Emotional intelligence self assessment
  • The Culprit Activity
  • Recognising the barriers to effective communications
  • Appealing to a range of senses & emotions when communicating
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Activity Inter Galactic Systems Authority
  • Rapid mapping questions for business
  • There is more to listening than you might have heard!
  • Word Power – How to use different styles and patterns of language
  • Structuring your message and clarifying expectations
  • Recognising the importance of timing when communicating messages
  • Communication preferences

Communicating in Groups

  • Six thinking hats – communicating at meetings
  • Communicating for consensus
  • Engaging others – establishing a two way dialogue
  • NLP Model of communication
  • Understanding the role of memory and how it affects message retention
  • Understanding the roles of power and influence in communications
  • Feedback and self disclosure Johari Window & Feedback Models
  • How to maximize ownership and commitment to your message
  • Winning without words – Create rapport through positive use of body language
  • Recognise the effect of beliefs and values within communication
  • Assessing your Influencing Style[/fusion_old_tab]


  • The facilitator was so energetic that she really made it a good interactive training with a lot of examples.
  • I have realized how rationale and analytical I am and have benefited from realizing how other working style among colleagues present their arguments.
  • I found the training very useful. In my opinion, this is for sure one of the most interesting an better training I’ve attended (already 17 years in the company)
  • Personnel assessment (better knowlege of personnel gaps) and different comm tools for getting engagements while being able to influence on others