Enhancing Personal Productivity

Our Enhancing Personal Productivity programme will enable you to develop the skills, techniques and routines to translate goals into reality! Less than one percent of adults have clearly stated goals – yet those who do have vision and can therefore make choices towards achieving those goals.





Enhancing Personal Productivity

We each have our own unique preferences and approaches to situations. As a result what helps one person may be a hindrance to another. While a little planning helps some people feel much better, it can represent an unbearable constraint for others.

This workshop cherishes those differences, and so instead of trying to shift you from A to B via a magic formula the aims are to shift you from A to a range of options that suit YOU!. By being more aware of your options you will be armed with choices and you skills to make valuable contributions and put first things first. You will know how to work efficiently (doing things right) and effectively (doing the right things)

Those who need to be better organised to achieve their goals. Following the workshop you will be able to:

  • Break goals down into practical steps towards achievement
  • Focus on what will make the difference – Take responsibility and make a difference where it counts
  • Plan ahead and use your time effectively to increase personal and team productivity
  • Keep doing more of what gets results for you
  • Develop techniques to facilitate lasting change and personal improvements

Enhancing Personal Productivity Course Content

Identifying Realistic Goals and Resources

  • Where are you going? What are your goals?
  • Frame and clarify that Goal
  • Identifying tasks to achieve your goal – The secret of working backwards
  • Measures of success – Remember – not everything that that counts can
  • be counted and not everything that can be counted counts! – What counts in your world?
  • Goal assessment techniques
  • How to eat an elephant – small digestible chunks – small steps increase your success rate
  • Do your personal resources allow you to achieve your goals?
  • Assessing ability and enthusiasm to maximise goal achievement.
  • Identifying transferable skills
  • Personal development planning. Know what you want to learn or change and what you need to do to achieve that.

Deal with the things that hold you back

  • Give me time – free me up!
  • Preferences for planned and spontaneous time users
  • Quick fixes for harassed and disorganised planners
  • The concentration curve – using prime time for tasks
  • Avoid must do, should do and have to thinking
  • Banish All or Nothing thoughts – a passion for excellence means thinking big and starting small
  • Rushaholics – how to take your foot off the gas
  • Our circle of influence – Identifying issues that you CAN control
  • Over-committed? Gauging the size of the problem and gaining focus
  • Establish a Workflow Management System
  • Pest control – managing interruptions and persistent offenders
  • Understanding credibility and a credibility analysis to reveal where you need to assert more influence
  • Who and what is in your circle of influence? Identifying those events and people over which you do have influence
  • Increasing your influence and others’ confidence in you the six techniques of influence that are guaranteed to produce positive results
  • Identifying what you should Stop ?Start ? Continue?
  • Personal planning – for the beginning of greater management of time and productivity