Flexible Learning

Do you remember learning how to drive? For most people it was a flexible learning process that combined formal training, hands on practice, some theory and a little social interaction. You continued to develop those skills long after the learner plates were removed from your car. You may never have mastered those skills if that driving tuition had been a one off event and confined to a classroom.

Many training courses are built like events, something that happens once at a fixed place and time. You design the learning, learners attend, there is some fabulous interaction, and then it’s over! However, the typical work year represents approx 2000 hours and during that time people continue to learn and develop.

Learning flexFlexible learning delivered in small bites is easily digested. This is where a blended approach to your training and development provides some interesting opportunities because it allows you to create flexible learning and development approaches using a range of methods. That process enables many more opportunities for accessing the learning, feedback, practice and interaction than a one off event.

Retention of the learning improves when your learners are able to take small bites of learning that is tailored to their needs and digest it, put the learning to work and then access additional relevant learning to steadily build competence and confidence.

Flip The Learning

The flipped classroom model brings together modern learning and development methods and technology to provide a personalised, engaging flexible learning experience for every learner whatever their learning preference.

When we provide learners with online resources and downloadable media, they have the opportunity to access and interact with these materials when it’s best for them. They also have the opportunity to collaborate in group activities and that dialogue is invaluable in developing a broader view of issues impacting an organisation. The approach also unites learners in working together to agree approaches to those issues. We then use the traditional class time to explore how best to implement the learning provided and to develop the skills to support the process.

I Can Learn With or Without You! Encouraging Learning Transfer.

There is no On/Off switch when it comes to learning and development. People are learning continuously, so it makes Flexible Learningsense to support that process of continuous development by ensuring learners are provided with flexible learning experiences that develop application of the learning to extend what has been learned in one context to new contexts.

When learning is delivered in multiple contexts, and includes examples that demonstrate wide application of what is being taught, people are more motivated because they can see the usefulness of what they are learning and when they can use that information to do something that has an impact

Flexible learning is a continual process of taking in information, making decisions, application and getting feedback. So, it seems that to really make learning effective and memorable we need to find convenient, timely and  flexible learning methods

Just like the process of learning to drive a person’s learning throughout the year will consist of  a little formal instruction, courses, interactions with colleagues, research and reading, some experimentation

Spectrain Specialise in Flexible Learning Design

We want learners to feel the benefits of their investment in training and personal development and empowered to transfer the learning with confidence by taking action making fundamental changes to attitudes, behaviours, processes and procedures.

Transfer of Learning

A learning experience that is not transferred to create tangible results for your organisation is a waste of time and money. We want you to be able to measure the impact of your investment, to monitor the transfer of learning in real-time. We want you to know how people are applying the learning, what ideas are emerging, and to be able to benefit from the changes that people are making as a result of the learning.

Ready For Measurable Results?

We know that you need to prove the learning intervention is having an impact on the business. We also know that forgetting begins as soon as a learning event ends. So, we provide you with a variety of methods to reinforce the learning in intervals that enhance how much the learner remembers and applies to their work.

Flexible Learning Materials

Spectrain design flexible competency based learning and development approaches using a combination of methods and media for many organisations each with their own unique challenge.

Spectrain's Shop offers a unique range of training materials to aid business and personal development,

Mobile Support for Flexible Learning

In many cases, employees need access to learning materials, outside of the training environment. Learning material that is accessed via an app enables flexible learning and opportunity to learn at a time and place that is convenient. We have a range Mobile learningof methods to enable learners to access learning at their convenience or moment of need.

The learning is always contextualised for the learner and sector we curate content that is current. Learning includes a variety of media and methods including video, questionnaires, podcasts and we can make learning available via screen casts, what makes this so powerful is that learners can control the learning, pause, rewind and repeat as many times as they need .

There is also tons of research to support the fact that learning is accelerated up to 34% when we use pre course priming to engage learners.

Spectrain have worked within financial services organisations to design refreshingly engaging compliance materials. here is how one customer responded:

Awesome! It is brilliant! I fully enjoyed the reading and I can see already how effectively it can be presented in the classroom. The topics are presented clearly, with great integrity and, on basis of content – correctly. You managed to tell the story with a great simplicity, however not compromising on accuracy.

I very much like the language – it is easy to read, simple and dynamic. Your examples and group exercises are easy to follow and memorable. What a great idea of the introducing order (by the amount of money in their wallets)

The whole module is very interactive and dynamic and therefore has got a huge potential as an effective learning tool for both language and professional skill sets. It does tick all the boxes

Emilia Brandt, Skillingua

Learning is a process not a one time event. Flexible learning is the answer!

Spectrain are a UK Registered Learning Provider