Have you found that you are suddenly in charge? You now are responsible for delegating, motivating and managing people and processes; this responsibility also requires you to shift from being a friend and colleague to being a boss? Management Skills for New Managers prepares new managers for their role in managing team members, adapting to new and demanding work situations, and to apply successful behavioural approaches to direct the team’s attention and effort towards meeting the organisational goals and objectives.

New Managers Training

Duration – 2 Days

In 2 valuable days, you will demonstrate and develop the essential skills you’ll need to step confidently into a management role. You’ll gain insights into everything from making a good first impression to motivating people and setting challenging objectives in the workplace.

The pace will be energising and full of variety,. To make everything you learn more relevant and to you to remember it all — we’ll use a combination of proven training methods, including …

  • TRAINER-LED BRIEFINGS Our facilitator is an experienced management and leadership training expert whose goal is to prepare you for the realities of your new role. Through case studies, demonstrations, and real examples you’ll gain a big-picture understanding of what it means to be an effective manager.
  • GROUP EXERCISES AND DISCUSSION There will be lots of opportunity for collaborative – working together to find answers is a highly effective way to gain, and share knowledge. The exercises and discussions in which you’ll participate will bring to life the principles and practices you’ll master as a manager.

Management Skills for New Managers  – Course Content

Developing Managerial Effectiveness

  • Avoiding beginner’s blunders
  • The first temptations the new manager faces — and how to resist them
  • How to build collaborative working relationships
  • Identifying, balancing and fulfilling the expectations of the various stakeholders in the organisation
  • Tips for supervising former colleagues — and current friends

The Manager & His Many Hats

  • Reflect on experience Good/effective practice Bad/ ineffective practice
  • What Makes a Manager Team Activity
  • Management Styles & when to choose & use them effectively
  • Assess your natural style
  • Measuring Concern for people

The Art of Delegation

  • The Wrong Way to Delegate
  • Agreement, Authority and Feedback
  • Barriers to Delegation
  • When to Delegate
  • Choosing the Right Person
  • Providing Effective Support
  • Keeping the Task Delegated
  • When the Delegate Makes Mistakes

Critical Communications

  • Identifying the core purpose and content of communications
  • Recognising the barriers to effective communications
  • The use of all the senses in communication
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • There is more to listening than you might have heard!
  • Structuring your message and clarifying expectations
  • Developing communication techniques that influence and engage people
  • How to maximize ownership and commitment to your message
  • Understanding the effect of beliefs and values within communication

Managing Performance

  • Agreeing measurable objectives
  • Having a clear line of sight between objectives, activities and standards of performance
  • The elements of performance WHAT is done and HOW it is delivered
  • Identifying well formed outcomes
  • Managing poor performance – Feedback with finesse

Managing Team Development

  • Terrific team working.
  • Creating a team identity
  • Managing Team Conflict
  • Sources of conflict.
  • Strategies for resolving conflict