Managing Meetings

This managing meetings workshop introduces the steps to making meetings work, from identifying a meeting requirement to monitoring the result. We will introduce you to a whole new range of tools and techniques to help you ensure that each meeting you are involved in is effective, and enjoyable.

Meetings Meetings Workshop occupy a huge part of the working day. Whether your meetings are face to face or virtual they can be engaging, inclusive, productive and energising through effective use of facilitation tools and techniques.

Duration 1 day.

During meetings, clients and suppliers experience and observe an organisation’s culture.

  • Is time wasted or used productively?
  • Are new ideas encouraged or swept under the carpet?
  • Do participants guard their own interests or work together effectively?

Managing Meetings Course Content

  • The seven step process to make meeting work
  • Is a meeting really necessary?
  • What are the alternatives to a meeting?
  • Is a meeting the best way to accomplish them?
  • What specific issues need to be addressed (the agenda items)?
  • What are the most effective facilitation techniques for each item?
  • Why should I attend your meeting?
  • Ordering the agenda ordered to ensure everyone’s time is used effectively?
  • The Pets meeting interactive case study
  • The meeting agenda your roadmap to success
  • Controlling time
  • The final agenda document – ensuring clear objectives for attendees
  • How can facilitation add value to the meeting?
  • The differences between the facilitator and that of the chair in a meeting
  • The facilitator’s role in preparing for the meeting
  • Your managing meetings toolkit –  a range of facilitation styles
  • Problem solving and decision making techniques
  • Getting consensus activity
  • 6 thinking hats method
  • Brainstorming
  • Mind Mapping
  • SWOT
  • Dot Voting
  • Identifying and addressing behaviours which do not contribute to progress at the meeting
  • Identifying forms of conflict – substantive/personal
  • Techniques for maintaining focus, overcoming resistance

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