Managing People and Performance Training

Here you will find details  of our Managing People and Performance training and development programmes specifically aimed at developing your managerial skills and confidence to make a significant difference Managing People and Performancethrough effective performance management.

There is no one size fits all approach to performance management and while managing performance often includes some prescribed processes and procedures, successful performance management is a continuous process of combined activities that assess whether current objectives are being met and an opportunity empower, motivate, guide and direct others towards consistent performance and future goals

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The Purpose of Performance Management

How am I doing?  To us that question sums up the purpose of performance management:  To let people know how they’re doing, give them useful feedback and ensure they are working as effectively as possible.

This is different from the performance appraisal process, which generally happens once or twice a year and is more a summary and overview of a person’s progress and development.
With consistent people management, the focus is upon a person’s day to day effectiveness. Specific goals are agreed, workload is determined and expectations are set. This way potential difficulty can be dealt with as it occurs.
When people are well managed they feel aligned, committed in an environment that they know values their unique contribution.  Their needs and wants are being considered, their individual ways of working are being accommodated and their contributions are acknowledged.

That’s Performance Management!

Duration 2 Days

Our managing people and performance training course will ensure Managers will understand and demonstrate that they can (and should) be demanding  high standards whilst being supportive at the same time. Not ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ – just consistent, effective professional management all of the time. They will come to understand that in managing performance it is their responsibility to improve performance – by improving their people’s skills and by removing obstacles

Managers of People and Process who have identified the need to enhance results from performance management activity


Impacting Upon Success

  • How does your management style impact on success?
  • Identifying the effect of your management style
  • Identifying performance measures
  • What does good performance look like?
  • What and how am I doing?  How to agree effective performance and behavioural objectives
  • The benefits of clearly defined competencies

Managing Performance

  • Agreeing realistic targets getting agreement to Objectives!
  • Set your objective activity
  • Identifying Well Formed Outcomes
  • Identifying most improvable tasks
  • Identifying measures of success

Managing Difficult Behaviour

  • Management and Motivation
  • There are no difficult people – but there are difficult behaviours!
  • Motivating others application of the GROW model
  • The Feedback Game – Providing Motivational Feedback
  • Influences on personality attitude, beliefs and behaviour