I received an email message from a lady in who had been on our Problem Solving Course, energised and enthused by her mastery of the tools and techniques she had recommended the course to her colleagues.

Her organisation publishes a schedule for it’s in -house courses. This particular course was oversubscribed for many months to come. Despite the incredible reviews of this course I wondered why I hadn’t been asked to deliver it.

I know one or two training providers who had courses scheduled to run in this organisation. So I used their super sleuth detective talents to find out what was going on. One of them returned several photographs of my training workbooks and the trainer who was delivering the training it obviously wasn’t me.

Now I know that when organisations tender for training they submit the names of 2 trainers. This makes sense because it provides cover.  However when one trainer is delivering the training using the other trainer’s materials without their knowledge then that is a copyright offence. When all of the original content has been cut and pasted into another workbook and passed off as original work, well that is plagiarism.

Pond Life Professional Parasites and Plagiarists

Pond Life Professional Parasites and PlagiaristsTo their credit a plagiarist has one skill; it’s the art of CUT and PASTE and that’s where their talent ends. They rarely understand the materials they copy, and that is then evident in the delivery of that material.  These pond life Plagiarists sadly lack the talent to create their own work.

However these zero talent parasites are just smart enough to cut the copyright notice out of the work of others.

And it doesn’t stop there; this pond life couldn’t put together a decent proposal for a training course if their life depended upon it so like all parasites who are dependent on a host for survival they download the course outlines of others.

Centres for Disease Control
I wonder how organisations exist without the internal quality mechanisms to realise that their provider of training having secured a contract has substituted one trainer for an alternative who hasn’t got the talent to create their own resources and these individuals are then in the privileged position of developing others….go figure! Makes no sense to me!

Spectrain design competency based development solutions for a range of organisations. our training courses are rich in content and couldn’t be delivered well without the vast range of activities that we bring along to support learning…and that is one advantage we have over plagiarists  these cheapskates having stolen somebody  else’s property are unlikely to invest in the resources to support it because parasite plagiarists just don’t do that!

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