Strategic Planning Tools for yourbusiness development training materials from Spectrain the competency based trainer

  • The Succession Planning Tool Kit containing a range of activities and all the templates you need to enable you to identify competency, skills and success factors of leadership and assess current bench strength. This product is used in our HR Auditor training course.
  • The Ethical Governance Tool Kit is an asset for organisations of all sizes who are considering whether their approach to governance is ethical. An important part of the process will be for your organisation whether long-established or just starting up to review the principles in order to identify and prioritise what is essential and appropriate ethical behaviour for you. Many organisations will find that they already follow or go beyond these principles. Others may wish to make changes in their current practices to align behaviours with their values. What is vital is to assess and strengthen your practices this resource supports that work.
  • The change makers toolkit guides you through a series of steps that help to identify each of the key components of the change management process.  
  • This SWOT Analysis Case Study Enables Application of a SWOT Analysis to a genuine business development issue. We use this case study on our Business and Strategy Development Course to enable exploration of SWOT elements in an established business and it works really well in enabling identification of business enablers and inhibitors. Playing Lean is available as an additional module to our Business and Strategy Development Training Course. Playing Lean Simulates a Lean Business Startup.  It's a board game where players are forced to make difficult business decisions without real world risks. Contact us to see how Playing lean could support your new business venture
  • This activity consists of 22 playing cards containing questions to enable groups to explore, identify and recognize the talent and development needs required to sustain and improve business performance. The Identifying Talent Needs cards focus upon the talent requirements needed to sustain and improve current business performance and identify future talent to accommodate planned change. We use this product on our Nurturing Talent Training Course  
  • Identifying change agents can sometimes be terribly difficult. Who are those people who will drive change forward with persistence and conviction? This weighted questionnaire will enable you to identify and evaluate potential change agents against a range of valid criteria. You might like to check out our Change Leadership Training Course
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