Coaching, a performance management tool, when coaching is done well it can motivate, inspire, generate confidence, when done badly it is unstructured and generates frustration and resentment. Spectrain provide a range of coaching resources for busy coaches in the online shop and you may also consider our course Critical Competencies for Credible Coaches

  • Both coaching and mentoring are processes that enable individuals to achieve their full potential. Both interventions share many key skills and similarities and yet they are different processes so it makes sense to outline those similarities and recognise the differences. This helps to ensure that expectations of coaches and mentors and those that they support are clear.      
  • This Coaching Curiosity activity is packed with over 100 questions you can use immediately  to enable you to prepare for your coaching session. Being well prepared you will demonstrate interest and curiosity and appropriately explore issues during a coaching session. Check out:  Coaching models from GROW to ACHIEVE
  • The Coaching Tool Kit has been designed to provide additional tools and techniques for you to use during your coaching activity. The tool kit is packed full of checklists, self assessments and activities that enable focus on goals and outcomes. We use these tools during our coaching sessions so we can guarantee that they do provoke meaningful and constructive conversations and with the encouragement of a skilled coach we know that people will be moving towards achievement of positive outcomes quickly. Our Critical Competencies for Credible Coaches training course is extremely popular
  • it's so important to add variety to your coaching practice. Using the same approach constantly can get a little predictable and will fail to challenge. seven coaching models   The 7 coaching models are supported by questions to guide you as you use them.  In addition you will find several value added associated activities to enable you to structure, explore options and enhance outcomes from your coaching activity immediately.    The models enable you to add variety to your coaching activity this helps to maintain momentum We use these resources on our Critical Competencies for Credible Coaches Course
  • Setting goals for your coaching activity is essential if you are to support others during coaching. This activity contains 3 comprehensive questionnaires and a personal development plan to enable you to assess your approach and readiness to become a coach for others and identify your coaching development needs. It's important to set goals. These activities will help you to assess why you want to coach others, your readiness for coaching and how you manages challenges during coaching.
  • Identifying goals for your coaching activity is essential and it is equally important to evaluate the outcomes from coaching practice. These useful coaching questionnaires enable you to identify short term and long term goals for your coaching activity. We also provide an assessment tool that helps you to consider your readiness for coaching and identify development needs. Finally you will embark on a reality check which will reveal the amount of challenge or achievement from your coaching practice. We Use This Resource On our Critical Competencies for Credible Coaches Course
  • Identifying the Outcomes and Goals of Coaching

    This really useful resource to enable coaches and their clients to explore coaching goals, strengths, and agree an agenda. An essential coaching contract is also included in the resource to help you to agree expectations and be clear what both parties bring to the coaching experience.
  • This Personal Values Assessment  reveals what might influence you to pass judgement. A really useful resource raising awareness of personal bias to ensure a non biased approach to relationships. On a journey of self awareness? You may also benefit from a personal audit of emotional intelligence and communication style.
  • Implementing a successful coaching programme Coaching as a performance management method has grown rapidly in recent years. Many human resource professionals would benefit from guidance to help them implement a successful coaching programme in their organisations. The topics and materials in this training tool kit provide  practical guidance about what coaching is and how to best implement it in the organisation. This resource provides a strategy to enable you to implement a successful approach to coaching as a performance management and support tool This 36 page guide provides guidance in the following areas:
    • Selecting a coach
    • Developing internal coaches
    • The coaching process
    • Assessment methods
    • Using multi rater feedback
    • Evaluating results from coaching activity
    • Distance /remote coaching
    • The role of HR in supporting coaching
    • Coaching intake form
    • Coaching contract
    • A coaching progress log
    Develop your in house coaches with our critical competencies for credible coaches course
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