Six Thinking Hats Problem Solving


Spectrain’s Six Thinking Hats guide comes complete with a case study containing illustrative examples of the approach in use and a worksheet to enable you to use this fabulous six thinking hats problem solving tool at your next event.

We use this during managing meetings and problem solving programmes



Six Thinking Hats is a powerful problem solving tool.  The method helps you consider important decisions from a number of different perspectives.

Having a range of perspectives helps you make better decisions.  This method provides you with alternatives to habitual ways of thinking.

AND this helps you understand the full complexity of a decision, also because you have been exposed to a range of thinking styles you may identify issues and opportunities to which you would otherwise be blind.

If you want to develop a range of problem solving skills take a look at our problem solving and decision making training course

Watch the six thinking hats video here:


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