Building a team of people from different cultural backgrounds presents a variety of challenges. The requirement for identifying  the characteristics of effective performance and appropriate professional behaviours in an international context is equally challenging.

The need for multi-cultural work groups in international settings is increasing, identifying relevant competencies for successful collaboration requires assessment and  individuals need continuous support to aid their development.

Most international managers and professionals are hired for their technical expertise and experience, rather than their ability to relate, communicate, engage, motivate and work effectively with colleagues and customers from a variety of cultures. Yet, without such behavioural competencies, managers and professionals are unlikely to be effective in transferring their technical knowledge and skills in an unfamiliar international or multi-cultural context.

The International Profiler

The International Profiler is a leading-edge development tool for managers and professionals who work in international and multi-cultural environments.

The International Profiler raises awareness of potential areas for development at individual and team levels, suggests remedial actions, and offers coaching support to work towards behavioural change and more effective collaboration.

 How does it work?

The International Profiler is an online questionnaire and feedback process, currently available in English, French, German and Italian. Over 4,200 managers and professionals  have responded to the questionnaire to date. The online questionnaire takes about 45 minutes to complete, and automatically generates a scored report for the consultant, trained and accredited to administer the International Profiler, deliver its feedback and provide coaching support. Answers to the questions indicate the energy, emphasis and attention an individual brings to 22 different attitude, knowledge and skill dimensions, grouped into 10 key competencies for international and multi-cultural leadership, managerial and professional skills transfer. A standard 4-page report provides the individual’s scores against the normed scores of all International Profile respondents to date, together with an overview of the dimensions, a summary of the individual’s profile, and suggested development themes. A 32-page interpretive report additionally provides textual and pictorial descriptions of each dimension, detailed summaries of high and low scores, and a cultural competency action planner. Separate group profiles and reports can also be generated to indicate overall team strengths and areas for development. Feedback by the accredited consultant is usually given by telephone, and involves an in-depth discussion of the individual’s report in relation to the opportunities and challenges of his or her present or future international or multi-cultural role and responsibilities. The purpose is to identify three or four dimensions which would benefit from better, greater and more frequent energy, emphasis and attention. The feedback enables the subsequent production of a personal development plan.

Who is it for?

The International Profiler is aimed at managers and professionals who need and want to develop adaptive skills for working in an international or multi-cultural environment. Typical candidates include:

  •  Managers involved in expatriation or mobilisation
  •  Local managers with international roles
  •  Managers leading or participating in international teams
  •  Managers integrating operations across national boundaries
  •  Managers operating in multi-cultural workplaces
  •  International project managers
  •  Professionals with international business careers
  •  Specialists on international committees

Selecting and Developing an Effective Multi-Cultural Work GroupBusiness Applications

The International Profiler enables:

  • Better selection of candidates for international or multi-cultural appointments
  •  Reduction of inappropriate appointments
  • Valid measurement of intercultural competencies for preparation and evaluation of training of individuals and teams
  •  Identification of intercultural development needs of individuals or teams at any particular point in time
  • Acceleration of business-critical relationship development

What are the benefits?

The International Profiler offers individuals and organisations the structured development of behavioural competencies for personal and team success in an international or multi-cultural environment. The International Profiler helps individuals:

  • Adapt to a specific new international role
  •  Build an international career
  •  Work more effectively with colleagues in a multi-cultural team
  •  Build productive relationships with new colleagues or partners in unfamiliar cultural contexts
  •  The International Profiler helps organisations:
  •  Reduce the personal and organisational trauma of inappropriate appointments
  • Avoid miscommunication and mistrust in critical multi-cultural business relationships
  •  Audit experience and capabilities for multi-cultural working
  •  Provide individual development plans and team training solutions that are specifically adapted to an international or multi-cultural business environment

For further information on the International Profiler, contact: Alastair Wyllie at Wyllie and Reid Corporate Communications Tel: +44 (0)141 339 3841 Mob: +44 07778 436328