Service Survival Toolkit

What’s Service Survival all about? When our job role is related to providing a service we often encounter difficult behaviours from customers who have  expectations that fall outside the scope of our role or cannot be fulfilled.

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Dealing with the difficult behaviour of other people is never an easy or pleasant experience you are certainly not  alone in your struggle to find ways to deal with people who are difficult. So many others are searching and often  silently suffering in trying to cope with other people’s difficult behaviours.

By the end of this service survival workshop you will be thinking differently about your responses to difficult people and  situations, using the service survival tools and taking back some of the power and control to begin to effectively  handle your responses to the difficult behaviour.

Service Survival Course Content

1 Day Duration

When all is not OK

  • Exploring the OK Matrix….What triggers lead to you not being ok?
  • The most difficult behaviour that I deal with is…Identifying those irritant behaviours
  • The optimum place to break a downward behavioural spiral

Your Job….

  • Identifying critical competencies and core skills
  • The SAND Analysis (Strengths, Achievements, Needs, Demands)
  • Managing the demands of the job – people and process

Working Styles

  • Identifying your preferred working style
  • Working with opposites – The Human Smoothie
  • Designing a strategy to influence an opposite style

Lost the Plot?

  • Emotional control and emotional intelligence
  • What do we see from those who have mastered emotional intelligence?
    o Ability to handle frustrations
    o Ability to deal professionally with a diverse range of issues
    o Ability to manage own emotions
    o Ability to manage own social skills
  • Awfulizing –Mind Reading – Labeling- Managing unhelpful behaviour
  • Emotional intelligence self assessment
  • The advantages of saying no

Conflict Management

  • Applying the ladder of inference
  • Analysing your conflict management style
  • Strategies for managing classical difficult behaviours
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Staying in assertive

Hi, my name is Joy and I am a training designer….This service survival toolkit course outline is a suggestion it is based on my understanding of the challenges that those in customer service roles experience. The content above is merely a suggestion, however it has delivered marked results among customer service teams when delivered in small cohorts. feedback suggests that individuals have greater emotional control, an enhanced awareness of the impact of their moods and the impact on others, significantly improved relationships and greater clarify of written and verbal communications. I thought rather than provide basic customer service training to experienced people, let’s give them tools that provide greater understanding of themselves and their reactions to those annoying individuals and situations to enable them to rise above it and manage the situation with a huge amount of self esteem and confidence.

Does that sound like a solution for you? Contact us if your team will benefit from these service survival tools