Constructive communications are the driver of agile performance. Whether it’s just in time feedback, or a constructive conversation about under performance, its essential that we address the issue or the opportunity to tell someone they did a great job.

On these pages of our site you will find courses, resources and articles dedicated to exploring the competencies required for Constructive Communications,

The conversation cul de sac

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When did you last find yourself in a conversation that took an unexpected turn? A comment that embarrassed or offended you? A comment that stunned you into silence or panic, you have navigated into a conversation cul-de-sac. Yesterday I was working with a group of professionals whose customers are challenging for a variety of reasons. On [...]

There Are No Difficult People

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There are no difficult people.....however, there are difficult behaviours. Most people will encounter others whose behaviour they find difficult. Warning signals alert you that you may have problems in coping with these difficult characters as a result of previous experience with unpleasant or unsociable behaviour. But be careful! We all make generalisations as a way of [...]

Dedicated to LinkedIn Lurkers and the Invisible

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Yet again I find myself doing a little housekeeping of my LinkedIn groups. In doing this I began to identify criteria - what makes a group effective and would encourage me to want to network with members of that group? That thought expanded into I wonder what criteria LinkedIn group managers had in mind when they formed [...]

We Are a Team – Everybody Agree?

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A team had four members called Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done. Everybody was sure that somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was everybody’s job. Everybody thought anybody could do it, but nobody realized that [...]

Tittle Tattle lost the Battle – Avoiding Toxic Gossip

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Avoiding Toxic Gossip In ancient Greece (469 - 399 BC) Socrates was widely respected for his wisdom.     One day the great philosopher was approached be an acquaintance who ran up to him excitedly and said, 'Socrates, do you know what I just heard about one of your students?' 'Wait a moment,' Socrates replied. 'Before you [...]

Are you Memorable?

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Are you Memorable? It happens, however it shouldn't happen too often. That awkward moment when you realise that they can't remember who you are! You can make yourself memorable to everyone you meet. By following the top tips below, you'll not only be more memorable, but you'll get more clients, keep them and generate referrals.   [...]

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