Spectrain have been Consulting in the Middle East for many years. Our services include design and delivery of specific competency based training courses for developing countries and nationalization projects. These posts reflect our experiences while Consulting in the Middle East

Culture Crimes and Cultural Lip Service

History is littered with examples of organisations that have underestimated the strength of cultural conditioning paying superficial lip service to cultural integration and these Culture Crimes have  resulted in failures in strategic alignment, communications and delays in execution of plans which impacts returns on investment. This story describes an example of one organisation in the engineering sector who failed to consider the local culture. A Culture Crime!  Paying Cultural Lip Service to the community. ....  the impact of the application and appropriateness of their existing policies, and the leadership skills required to operate successfully in the environment. Situated in the [...]

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Cultural Barriers to Learning and Knowledge Transfer

As a designer of learning and development solutions I am concerned with how cultural barriers impact learning and knowledge transfer. This knowledge enables me to recommend and implement successful learning transfer strategies and pre-post learning support initiatives to overcome Cultural Barriers to Learning and Knowledge Transfer Individualistic and Collective Cultures Individualistic cultures or low power distance cultures are characterised by relatively equal power sharing they discourage attention to status difference and ranking between management and employees therefore they have less incentive to share information and knowledge with others. In a work environment, individuals may believe that withholding information is the key to success. [...]

There is Value in Diversity Tap into it!

In today’s economy traditional barriers to trade are diminishing and for many companies international trade is essential to their growth and success. Rapid developments in technology have made new markets accessible; however, consumers continue to prefer to deal with a workforce representative with which they can identify and many organisations just do not understand the huge benefits that a culturally diverse workforce can offer. The problem is that many managers are culturally deprived; their education, training and upbringing simply did not prepare them to manage the situations they face in today’s multicultural environment, and many organisations do little to provide them [...]

Working in the Middle East

The second in a series of articles that aim to provide information and advice in context to help consultants Working in the Middle East gain an appreciation of the region and greater understanding of its culture. It is important to repeat the caveat contained in article one. The observations describe events as I have experienced them and cannot be generalised to the entire population of Muslims. Without exception I continue to thoroughly enjoy working in the Middle East, my journey from ignorance to understanding has not been without frustration and bewilderment. I owe a huge dept of gratitude to many Arabic friends’ [...]

Working in the Middle East

I often work in the Middle East. I regularly receive calls from individuals who have been presented with an opportunity to work in the Middle East and feel quite daunted by the prospect. The Middle East is a part of the world that has been the focus of media frenzy. There are many political and historical reasons for this focus. However, there is a considerable amount of information out there that is misleading. It would be irresponsible to advise you to ignore the media but I urge you to get advice from people with hands on and current experience in [...]

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Thank You Yemen

It's  taken a while, however never to late to say Thank You Yemen. It has been a long time since I last found a moment to update my blog. I have been in Yemen. I know that all of the odds are against consultants who consider working in Yemen. The UK FCO site discourages it, and trying to find insurance to cover the contract is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. The return on your effort when you overcome these obstacles will be worthwhile. I finally arrived. I have been fortunate in attracting opportunities to work in [...]

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