Ethical BusinessEthical Business practice is essential to generating growth and avoiding the negative publicity that comes with dishonesty and misleading behaviours.

With so many high profile examples of unethical practice rogue directors represent business risk, however we often fail to realise that their approach to business is unethical until it is too late

Purchasers of Training – Beware the Cuckoo in the Nest

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Purchasers of Training - Beware the Cuckoo in the Nest The expression "cuckoo in the nest" can mean a person or an organisation trying to look like something they are not; it is also used to describe a problem that grows quickly, consuming resources needed for other purposes Don’t Sponsor a Training Cuckoo Training purchasers, would you [...]

The Three R’s Recruitment, Retention and Reputation

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Offering feedback to unsuccessful candidates who have attended for interview is considered best practice in recruitment and selection. It places a value on those who have shown an interest in working at your organisation and have made a commitment to both apply and attend for an interview. The Three R's Recruitment, Retention and Reputation In the [...]

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy with Hindsight

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There you were during the pre-project planning, identifying costs and time-scales  manpower requirements and scheduling activities that would lead to the successful and timely completion of the project. Sure, there were some conflicts and some areas of discomfort while scenario planning, forecasting identifying risks. Somebody asked about an engagement strategy as a guide to working with a variety [...]

Dodgy Decisions When Your Reality Check Bounces

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Why do managers want to or fail to see some things and not others? What are the filters that screen, cloud, and distort their reality? Perception is our manufacturing process it leads to an output or product.  In this case the product is a decision, judgement, a conclusion we reach about a situation.  The process of [...]

There is Value in Diversity Tap into it!

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In today’s economy traditional barriers to trade are diminishing and for many companies international trade is essential to their growth and success. Rapid developments in technology have made new markets accessible; however, consumers continue to prefer to deal with a workforce representative with which they can identify and many organisations just do not understand the huge [...]

How performance can deteriorate

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Amjad’s Story - How performance can deteriorate  It appeared to be an amazing opportunity at the time, I embraced it fully, enthusiastic, keen to develop, and willing to learn. Working with expatriates was different and presented some challenges, I was certain I could adapt and hoped that the expatriates would also be willing to understand my cultural [...]

Boardroom Babble From The Dictionary of Jabberwocky

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Boardroom Babble From The Dictionary of Jabberwocky The request was simple enough – the job was to coach members of a multicultural management team over a period of time to ensure that they were sufficiently prepared with data/facts that supported their agenda items at the monthly management meeting which I would facilitate. The goal was to [...]

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