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Leadership Lessons – the content in this category includes, leadership competencies, leadership behaviours, ethics, there are several true stories that describe Leadership Lessons in context all will hopefully add value to your training activity.

Leadership Lessons from The Wizard of Oz is our most popular post of all time

Little Value from Bigwigs and Stinking Thinking

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A big job had presented itself at training towers. The bigwigs had attended a continuous improvement seminar where they had been publicly embarrassed by the ring masters for their stinking thinking. The big wigs arrived at training towers and the gnomes were summoned. During a verbal thrashing the gnomes were told to put out to tender [...]

The Culture Lens

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What aspects of a person’s workplace behaviour can be attributed to their culture? Could it be that people of different cultures are essentially similar and their behaviour is influenced by organisational constraints and management action rather than by cultural characteristics?   Culture influences the behaviour of all individuals and groups within an organisation. It has an [...]

An Accidental Hero

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The article Leadership Lessons from the Wizard of Oz describes the journey of a scarecrow, a tin Man, a lion characters who underestimated themselves and who already possessed the very qualities they aspired to.   The scarecrow demonstrates an ability to develop goals, foresight in anticipating the consequences of his actions, he [...]

No Change?

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Many organisations begin a change process and find that their efforts are not having the desired impact. Are you finding No Change?   Banging your head against a brick wall  trying to figure out why your change initiatives are not producing results? It's not easy to have a precise plan to assist during management of change,  [...]

Employee development or are you running a flea circus?

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We all know the story of the experiment in which a number of fleas were placed in a jar. The initial reaction of the fleas was to jump, and jump very high out of the jar, but then, the lid of the jar was replaced and after several attempts to escape from the jar, the fleas [...]

Management Effectiveness – Zero – Entertainment Value – Costly

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A True Story In a place far, far away there is an organisation whose managers had been dropping like flies, Bitter battles between share holders, some, unencumbered with the burden of intelligence had contributed to this situation. I bit my tongue, and watched the procession of comings and goings. One day I arrived on site to [...]

Dodgy Decisions When Your Reality Check Bounces

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Why do managers want to or fail to see some things and not others? What are the filters that screen, cloud, and distort their reality? Perception is our manufacturing process it leads to an output or product.  In this case the product is a decision, judgement, a conclusion we reach about a situation.  The process of [...]

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