Performance ManagementPerformance Management consists of a range of activities to enhance performance. The activities include coaching, providing feedback, appraising performance, mentoring and to a certain extent disciplinary action. This site is packed full of products, guides, courses and resources to develop your Performance Management skills. So whether you want to be a confident coach, provide balance feedback, lead change, or develop a team you will find a resource to help you consider how to approach it.

The Culture Lens

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What aspects of a person’s workplace behaviour can be attributed to their culture? Could it be that people of different cultures are essentially similar and their behaviour is influenced by organisational constraints and management action rather than by cultural characteristics?   Culture influences the behaviour of all individuals and groups within an organisation. It has an [...]

Finding Weeds in Your Human Resources Garden

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The various departments in your organisation have their own unique territories.  Like gardens, weeds spring up in these territories. Fortunately many weeds are pretty easy to deal with; catching them young before they reproduce and take over is most effective. However, there are weeds that present far bigger challenges. These perennial weeds live from year to [...]

Transfer This Before You Purchase Training that makes No Difference

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Would you transfer funds from your account into an asset that does not enable you to measure its contribution to your business? That is effectively what you are doing when you send an employee on a training course without giving any thought to what you expect from your investment following the event. In the training and [...]

Employee development or are you running a flea circus?

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We all know the story of the experiment in which a number of fleas were placed in a jar. The initial reaction of the fleas was to jump, and jump very high out of the jar, but then, the lid of the jar was replaced and after several attempts to escape from the jar, the fleas [...]

Management Effectiveness – Zero – Entertainment Value – Costly

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A True Story In a place far, far away there is an organisation whose managers had been dropping like flies, Bitter battles between share holders, some, unencumbered with the burden of intelligence had contributed to this situation. I bit my tongue, and watched the procession of comings and goings. One day I arrived on site to [...]

Boardroom Babble From The Dictionary of Jabberwocky

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Boardroom Babble From The Dictionary of Jabberwocky The request was simple enough – the job was to coach members of a multicultural management team over a period of time to ensure that they were sufficiently prepared with data/facts that supported their agenda items at the monthly management meeting which I would facilitate. The goal was to [...]

Leaders, are you encouraging followersheep?

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Many years ago we were approached by a large public sector department to deliver a leadership development programme. Prior to receiving the materials I had formed expectations about the content of the course; however, when I received the material the content was so fundamentally different to what I had expected that it revolutionised my approach to the [...]

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