How stories can engage learners

Learning – press pause this isn’t working

She’s there, the attendance register says so, ticks will go into boxes and records of learning will be kept. But she’s there in body only, her mind is elsewhere. She thinks is this Learning? I need to - press pause this isn’t working Today’s class is about the history of learning and development, apparently considerable transformations have occurred in the field of L&D, leading to the amazing learning opportunities she can provide today. I would be motivated by goal orientated objectives, not a list of content coverage There are too many objectives; I need less to help me [...]

Learning from Dire Ear and the Mad Hatter

Here at Spectrain we receive requests for a variety of customised materials, related to training, development. We also produce presentations for corporate events, and individuals who are pitching for sales. Recently we were recommended to an individual who had reached the final stage of a recruitment process for the role of learning and development manager. He was required to deliver an interactive presentation, the brief: What can we learn from the story of Alice in Wonderland, Dire Ear and the Mad Hatter, that is applicable to Learning & Development? Very much like Alice I went off on a journey [...]

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