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Strategic Planning how often does your management team engage in strategy development?


The environment, politics, competitor activity and technology is changing constantly if you don’t engage in Strategic Planning then you may find that you are no longer competitive. Getting back on track can be time consuming,

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Strategic Thinking

I find myself designing strategic thinking workshops for two organisations one steeped in history and traditions which come to life in artefacts, stories, folklore, the legacies that individuals left behind that still act as beacons to guide people in decisions about what to do and what not to do. People disappear when they die, like old photographs memory fades in quality over time . Yet for some there is an exception to this process, they continue to exist through their diaries, ledgers, structures, publications. Preserved in time. evident in culture. The other organisation is nimble, inclusive, and used to navigating [...]

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There was a time when the past was quite helpful in predicting the future, but in today's volatile business environment we need to be receptive to new ideas yet we commit ideacide! Strategy has shifted into a place where reliance on planning based on past decisions may no longer be the best approach to accommodate changing realities. I work with senior executives and operational managers to facilitate strategic planning workshops. That title may have misled you since most of the learning is aimed at developing strategic thinking skills. I have found that if I publish that I meet with huge [...]

Lost in the woods crippled by flawed thinking

Recently I had the pleasure of working with a leadership team to facilitate their strategic planning. Since all strategic planning in my view is focused on a particular organisation, its characteristics, markets, opportunities etc, my approach is tailored this is informed by a discussion about the business and its development needs. At that meeting I recommended that we spend time during the strategy sessions encouraging people to think more deeply about their own bias, assumptions and beliefs. Apparently this wasn’t needed. Fast forward to today when I received a call to ask if I would be willing to design and [...]

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Has your critical path has taken you over the cliff?

Is your biz abysmal are you in the abyss? Has your critical path has taken you over the cliff? Did your goals get deflected has it all gone off side? Has your blue sky leap becomes a terminal dive?   ...The verse above is from a poem written by Rob Billson at New Routes (I have amended it slightly with Rob’s permission).  Is your organisation heading towards the cliff edge? Perhaps you are stuck in what appears to be a bottomless cavity on the brink of an abyss. Let’s head off that terminal dive with a detour into [...]

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How the Recession May Be Affecting Your Business

Recession: it’s an ugly word, but unfortunately a fact of life for many businesses.   Managing your workforce when times are good has its challenges; managing it when times are tough can be extremely taxing on everyone involved.. One important factor that must be considered throughout this period of economic difficulty is your people. We rely on people to deliver financial success. A financial crisis often allows a business to take a deeper look at its staff and their potential to grow with the company So what are businesses doing to weather the storm? Here are some tips to guide you:  [...]

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