The Professional Training Coordinator

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The Professional Training Coordinator knows that the provision of modern workplace learning isn’t just about organizing training courses, but providing a structured approach to developing a particular skill set through the best methods available for the skills, the environment and the individual learner. Our learning habits are changing and Professional Training Coordinators know that continuous learning will be essential as the speed of business accelerates. A learner may be motivated to learn something NOW, and perhaps while commuting to and from work the learner watches a video, reads a blog, registers for eLearning or collaborates in an online learning network via what’s app or slack. This environment presents a variety of new tools and offers tremendous opportunity for the professional training coordinator, who will provide lots of different tailored learning experiences to support employees in their self-directed learning via a variety of learning technologies So, if you are ready to step into the world of a modern workplace learning advisor. Learn about and apply the best of traditional approaches to coordinating training activity, and be open to exploring a vast range of new tools and technologies to support your role as a Professional Training Coordinator, this exciting event is for you.