Spectrain provide trainer tips for busy learning and development professionals. Sometimes they are in the form of stories, and occasionally they are simply “How to” guides to help you to manage a difficult situation.

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Design Crimes in Learning & Development

Recently I have been “Optimising” a huge library of learning and development materials for an organisation who wish to transfer traditional teacher-focused learning to a flexible blended approach. The collection of  learning materials has been "designed" by a variety of individuals and consists of a mixture of styles, [...]

Tips for Trainers Managing the Classroom Challenger

Another article in the tips for trainers series...Imagine the scene, it’s the first day in front of a new group of people, this contract is important to you and you hope that your  training course will attract favourable reviews. You are both positive and confident.   You begin [...]

Media Misdemeanours in the Middle East

While developing a competency framework for a large telecoms provider in the Middle East I was interviewing middle managers who occupied a range of roles. One manager was involved in marketing the organisations products and services. An aspect of our conversation focused upon advertising and the challenge of [...]

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