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Pond Life Professional Parasites and Plagiarists

I received an email message from a lady in who had been on our Problem Solving Course, energised and enthused by her mastery of the tools and techniques she had recommended the course to her colleagues. Her organisation publishes a schedule for it's in -house courses. This particular course was oversubscribed for many months to come. Despite the incredible reviews of this course I wondered why I hadn’t been asked to deliver it. I know one or two training providers who had courses scheduled to run in this organisation. So I used their super sleuth detective talents to find out [...]

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Memory Understanding and Doing

Memory Understanding and Doing – MUD just one of the essential processes we use when designing learning, it helps to ensure learners achieve a variety of learning goals and are able to assimilate with existing knowledge, accommodate new knowledge and encode or write what they know to long term memory to enable application when that time arrives. Learning designers use a range of models to guide our approach from Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction to the systems oriented model of Smith and Ragan. It is this solid foundation knowledge of theory, models, and design principles that provides a designer with the [...]

The Ladder of Inference In Action

The ladder of inference is a simple and yet insightful model that suggests our actions are determined via a causal loop of inference or opinion about a situation based upon a tiny piece of data, and occasionally an absence of data. We choose exclusively to tune into certain data and we ignore the wealth of supplementary data that is available to us. We fail to test the data to validate the conclusion that has formed in a nano second and we form a belief about a person or an event the believe influences our actions. Later in this article I [...]

Purchasers of Training – Beware the Cuckoo in the Nest

The expression "cuckoo in the nest" can mean a person or an organisation trying to look like something they are not; it is also used to describe a problem that grows quickly, consuming resources needed for other purposes. Purchasers of training - beware the cuckoo in the nest. Don’t Sponsor a Training Cuckoo Training purchasers, would you recognise a cuckoo in your nest? Perhaps not, because cuckoo’s use remarkable forms of deception to achieve their goal This year I almost sponsored a cuckoo, fortunately I recognized the impostor before any damage was done to my business and the business of potential [...]

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Spectrain Awarded The BILD Quality Mark

The Learning Providers Mark of Distinction Spectrain is delighted to announce that its commitment to quality through the provision of training, learning and development products and services, has been recognised by The British Institute for Learning and Development and Awarded The BILD Quality Mark. “Applying for The BILD Quality Mark provided Spectrain with the opportunity to prove our continuous attention and commitment to best practice in our provision of learning and development products and services for clients and learners”. Joy Wilson at Spectrain commented. “To be awarded The Quality Mark clearly demonstrates a level of sustained commitment and performance in [...]

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Transfer This Before You Purchase Training that makes No Difference

Transfer This Before You Purchase Training that makes No Difference.  Would you transfer funds from your account into an asset that does not enable you to measure its contribution to your business? That is effectively what you are doing when you send an employee on a training course without giving any thought to what you expect from your investment following the event. In the training and development industry there are players  who will take advantage of customers who are not educated in the identification of need and the transfer and application of training back into the work. These purchasers of [...]

Top Tips for Choosing and Using External Consultants

Many organisations find that consultants fail to deliver what was expected, and yet, many consultants experience a sense of sheer frustration because of scope creep or lack of clarity because expected outcomes have not been clearly defined. Consultants thrive on their reputation So, before you consider hiring a consultant, consider these  Top Tips for Choosing and Using External Consultants to ensure you work well together: Top Tips for Choosing and Using External Consultants Tip One: Define what you want to achieve. Identify measures of success. How will your organisation benefit from the consultants expertise in measurable terms? Tip [...]

Employee development or are you running a flea circus?

We all know the story of the experiment in which a number of fleas were placed in a jar. The initial reaction of the fleas was to jump, and jump very high out of the jar, but then, the lid of the jar was replaced and after several attempts to escape from the jar, the fleas simply stopped jumping as high and only put in just enough effort to jump to just below the lid so that they would not bang their heads Good People ... Old Habits People, like the fleas, establish habits very quickly. They think, act and [...]

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

If you were asked to list the things in life you fear the most, many people say that the fear of speaking in public would be at or close to top of the list. According to statistics, it's stronger than the fear of dying followed by financial ruin, spiders and snakes. The dictionary describes fear as a "feeling of alarm or dread caused by the expectation of danger, pain, or disaster." So, overcoming the fear of public speaking is a worthwhile personal development activity Fear is a natural emotion that we all experience from time to time. Without it, we [...]

Our Knowledge Pipeline is Leaking

Knowledge loss is a problem which involves the complete employment life cycle. From recruitment to retention through to retirement. As employees in organizations progress they acquire knowledge that is customized to the operation, structure and culture of that organisation, they also acquire insights and understanding of unique characteristics about the company that is gathered over time and learning from that knowledge is difficult to replicate or replace when employees transfer or retire from their positions. Companies may be unaware of the impact of lost knowledge until the damage is done During 2015 I was building a competency framework for an [...]

Learning from Squirrel Behaviour

I received a call from someone who had attended our problem solving and decision making course yesterday, his opening comment was “My Head is in Bits”! This individual has had a tremendous amount of work on his radar recently, amongst a whole variety of demands he is reorganising his department and implementing a new procurement system. He found himself stuck, cluttered, unable to see woods for trees.  While talking through the situation the issue I was reminded of the example of the squirrel and the trusting mindset a mindset of accomplishment discussed in John Eliot’s book over achievement.   Take the [...]

Building a Performance Focused Training Department

Hey, Purchasers of Training! Do you subject your employees to the old training ritual of sheep dipping? This is a process by which employees are “refreshed”, and “re-invigorated” through attending established training courses. Yes, you know those courses that run year on year!  Or perhaps those employees, who are stale, and wilting, are placed on the refresher course you justify this as necessary because of course these employees have forgotten what they have learned on previous courses and the sheep dip will cleanse them of that infection called faulty thinking. i  Definition: Sheep Dip i  The term sheep dip refers to a liquid [...]

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