Terrific Testimonials

terrific testimonialsI am honoured that customers have provided these Terrific Testimonials for training design, delivery, strategic support and competency based solutions. It’s been a privilege to work with customers in UK, Middle East, Malaysia and Europe who have all been committed to developing people competencies to support the business. You can find more Terrific Testimonials and endorsements on my LinkedIn profile.  Perhaps we can connect on LinkedIn and start networking.

We all really enjoyed the course yesterday. I think the physiological aspects of the course and understanding why and how you react in different situations was a really valuable skill to teach. This in turn helps our colleagues understand how and why the people they are dealing with may be feeling and acting.

I really liked your style of delivery, it was very calm and assured and I think really encouraged the group to think about what you were saying. You also promoted discussion and a created a safe space for delegates to discuss their own experience.

Whilst you were absent during the break they were discussing the theory you had given in relation to how they deal with their teenagers. I really like it when people get something from training that isn’t just applicable to work.

For me the flow and pace of the course was spot on. I liked the course materials. I felt you used the presentation well, not death by power point but more there to illustrate and reinforce what you were saying.

Thomas Jones Health and Safety Manager, Community Gateway

We worked with Joy to deliver a Change Management workshop for a number of our Level 5 Leading a Business Apprentices, Joy designed a comprehensive workshop with study guides. On the day, Joy demonstrated a high level of change management knowledge and expertise.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you pulled together for the change management workshop, I understand that you demonstrated excellent knowledge and expertise on the topic area and I thank you for sharing this with our learners.

Heather Titterton, Travis Perkins

We will miss you and hope to keep in touch always .
Your efforts was really noticed and will add value to KPC HR .
I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon.

Hamad Dakheel AlSebaie, Kuwait Petroleum

We will miss you and hope to keep in touch always . Your efforts was really noticed and will add value to KPC HR . I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon.. Thank you!

Hamad Dakheel AlSebaie , Kuwait Petroleum

It has been a pleasure to work with Joy, who gave us great insight and valuable guidance on our competency framework development journey. Joy demonstrated a wide knowledge on the subject which helped us enormously to create the finished product – Jaguar Land Rover’s first competency framework. Thank you!

Louise Harrison, Jaguar Land Rover

Joy is a real pleasure to work with, Joy has unique talents in the training space, working with me to hone skills in competency based training needs analysis, blended learning design and measurable learning solutions. The impact was exceptional. Joy works effortlessly to support, working on both a strategic and tactical level. I would highly recommend Joy.

Lisa Twemlow, Curium Solutions Ltd

When I served as a finance & administration Manager at Samra Co., The Management was highly concerned to develop young personnel and promote them into a higher level to move the company foreword. The Management selected Joy Wilson as a well-experienced consultant to assist the company in management coaching and personnel development for almost 2 years. Joy’s success was demonstrated in re-structuring the company and developing young local supervisors to take over from expatriates who became and are currently managing the day-to-day operations as well as directing the growth of the company successfully.

It is with great pleasure I provide this testimonial to recommend the services of Joy to those who may seek corporate and personnel development, success and business growth

Mohammad Dayakh, Commercial Manager - Tunneling at ALYSJ JV

The trainer, Joy Wilson demonstrated a wide knowledge of the subject and facilitated a series of excellent events
Joy was as ever great at encouraging discussion in our action learning set. Not phased by the initial lack of interaction or cooperation she turned us around from passengers to collaborators. Joy has been fantastic, informative, good listener, and provides encouragement, an excellent ALS
Overall I will be more effective at work as a result of this experience.

Thanks to Joy very good trainer
Excellent Joy Thank You!

Comments from an Action Learning Set, National Crime Agency

The Professional Training & Development Coordinator programme has given me some great ideas, tools and also confidence. Joy trains in a way which makes you apply yourself and relates everything to real scenarios which you would come across in the work place. She really does go above and beyond. I have already benefited from this course and returned to work inspired and armed with a folder full of tools,and templates and mind full of ideas to start implementing at work. I would highly recommend this course and Joy as a trainer

Lauren Stevens , Tithegrove Limited

Hello Joy, It was a pleasure meeting you. First of all: I was very enthusiastic about your course. During my vacation my partner and I talked about it a lot. It has also given her great insights into communicating with her colleagues and clients (she works at PWC). I was impressed with the practical solutions you gave. I had for example Cialdini’s book gathering dust for a few month in the kitchen, while during your course you made it clear within a few hours. Thanks again, kind regards, Adriano

Adriano van der Kleij , Chemours

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for all the help that you’ve given us, both on the HRG project and in general. The last time I spoke to you, I think everything was in a mad rush and I feel like I didn’t even say bye.

I really appreciated the effort you’ve gone to for us, and the way you so admirably overcame frustration to help us develop both our product and ourselves. I feel like I learned a lot whilst working with you, and your help has been invaluable

Donna Furness, Curium Solutions Limited

It is a pleasure to provide this testimonial for Joy who is one of the first management development professionals I worked with after I launched my business.  She displayed a warmth and a sense of humour which made her a pleasure to co-facilitate with.  Not to mention the insight and expertise she brings from a long career in learning and development.  I’ve benefited from Joy’s experience of international business, she has been generous with workshop materials and ideas, and I’m looking forward to the chance to co-facilitate or collaborate in the future

Campbell Ford , Rathmhor

An excellent reputation and trainers brilliant feedback cannot be dispensed with. Joy has thorough understanding of her subject matter and she is able to convey her knowledge and expertise in a clear and straight forward manner. She is always prepared and shows concern and interest in her trainees. She is really a resource of  knowledge and skills. She has a charismatic and dynamic personality. Her presence is a Joy

Al-Jummah Reem Jalal , Chevron

Joy and I have worked together on a number of client assignments. Joy is great to work with as a co-facilitator and consultant. She can be relied on to demonstrate authenticity, insight, sensitivity and practicality in her work and will go the extra mile when it matters – and manages to bring a sense of fun to things too!

Wyn Llewellyn , WynMill Consulting

I have used Joy’s expertise on a number of occasions. Among the range of initiatives I have commissioned training for employee development and tapped into her incredible range of resources when developing initiatives focused upon governance, capability and competency to align with FSA compliance issues. Joy is responsive and her resourcefulness and generosity is appreciated.”

Farry Firoozieh , Firoozieh Consulting

Awesome! It is brilliant! I fully enjoyed the reading and I can see already how effectively it can be presented in the classroom.
The topics are presented clearly, with great integrity and, on basis of content – correctly. You managed to tell the story with a great simplicity, however not compromising on accuracy. I very much like the language – it is easy to read, simple and dynamic. Your examples and group exercises are easy to follow and memorable. What a great idea of the introducing order (by the amount of money in their wallets) The whole module is very interactive and dynamic and therefore has got a huge potential as an effective learning tool for both language and professional skill sets. It does tick all the boxes

Emilia Brandt , Skillingua

Joy developed competency frameworks for our leadership and administration roles. She further developed training programmes mapped to the competencies to enable our employees to demonstrate and receive feedback on their performance and to identify development needs. Joy’s work provided the foundation for ongoing development of our performance and succession management strategy. Top Qualities –  Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Robert Hirst, Yemen LNG Company Limited

I have known Joy for over 8 years and have worked with Joy on many occasions, including an extended project in Yemen where we were in country trainers and facilitators helping develop the management and leadership of the team comprising people from 63 different nationalities.

Joy is a person on whom you can rely totally. She has the highest quality standards of any trainer I have met. She has a can-do attitude and always get the the job done, blending this with a friendly, professional approach.I can recommend Joy wholeheartedly and without hesitation Whatever your project, I know Joy will add value and be a key contributor to its success

Adrian Nixon, Nixor

It’s our pleasure to have someone like you on board; “can do spirit” and “let’s enjoy” as well, it’s just what we need more of our people to adopt!

Peter Dutfield, Peter Charles Solutions

I have attended many training courses and workshops but till now I didn’t meet trainer such as Joy Wilson from Spectrain who can translate the training course into a real practical experience, it is like feeding by spoon you will get all amounts of food. She always goes beyond the expectations of courses attendees, we were more than delighted. You will never feel bored, she give us a great rich material by varied techniques she will make you able to deal with many critical situations effectively and efficiently. Her generousity is exceptional, never has she hesitated to give us all the information and resources to share the experience. Really she is marvelous

Atef AlAbsi Atef AlAbsi - Company: Samra Plant O&M Co, Samra Plant O&M Co

I believe the ITD Leadership Team learned a lot about the dynamics of a team, stages in the development of a team and finally how to move to a higher performing group. The instructor was excellent, she was very flexible in the course agenda, adjusting to the needs of the group throughout the course rather than focused only on the pre-set material. The course evaluation forms were unanimously positive

Dave Blizzard, Chevron

Joy Wilson is one of our accredited trainers – she has proved her competence against our standard and I would highly recommend her to you. She has considerable experience in the Middle East region and is noted in this country as a trainer of some expertise in the cultural difference within the region; she has written articles, contributed to many discussions and is often asked for advice on the topic of trainers working in the region

Peter Mayes, TrainerBase UK

The message I take from this feedback is that you ran two extremely successful events that fully met their objectives. I was pleased with the opportunities for discussion and impressed with the outcomes. I think it is quite probable that we will wish to use your excellent facilitation skills to further develop the mentoring culture (and I definitely won’t forget you for other things) in our Department. Thank you

Rosemary Kavanagh , AstraZeneca

Joy – You’ll be happy to know that your work with us has been an excellent foundation.. Paul has been taking your Focus On Results standards and developing individualised Competence workbooks for the secretaries firstly. We’ll be moving to the middle managers competencies soon Hope to work with you again – it was great

Phil Campbell , Yemen LNG Company Ltd

The quality of the work was high, and the training delivered by you was very appreciated by the management of Jordan Telecom. On my side I really appreciate your professionalism and availability even after the end of the project. The level of success of it was in great part from your contribution

Jean Michel Poulalion , Jordan Telecom

Thank You Spectrain…..The whole team came back to the office last night enthused and stimulated by your course. They all found it very motivating and got a lot out of it. Thanks again for designing such a pertinent and valuable course for the duty office team. Regards, Sue

Sue Durkan , Granada TV

Well what can I say? Not only did the customer send me a note but she made a point of coming to thank me personally (like I had anything to do with it) for the splendid job you did for her yesterday. I know that you are well versed with the practices of good customer service, however, when you put yourselves out in this way you basically make the difference which symbolises what Discovery IS. Your efforts just enhance the team reputation and do not go unnoticed. Thank you for this dedication and for making my job easier. This note made my day. Well done and thank you Karen

Karen Mellor, AstraZeneca

Joy, This secretarial assessment programme has already proved useful as I knew it would. Two of the participants on the last course are being considered for a permanent position. Despite the difficulties and extreme frustration at times, I believe that the workshops will ultimately be of benefit to most of the ladies and to YLNG. Excellent Training! Thanks again for all your efforts

Stuart Davidson, Yemen LNG Company Ltd

Miss Wilson has performed several courses and consultations in Jordan, she has worked with senior executives from Greater Amman Municipality on a change management programme helping them to develop strategy, conducted feasibility studies in the region and she has designed a performance management initiative at Jordan Telecom. She is an enlightened and skillful trainer who enjoys working with people and has the ability to generate lasting individual change.

Rifad El-Farhan, Middle East Communications Corporation

Joy and I have worked together on projects in the Middle East and UK. Her expert knowledge of competency based initiatives is evident in her design of training and assessment events that engage, enthuse, and connect learners to content relevant to their development needs. Her considerable experience in the Middle East means she can respond to demands for culturally sensitive solutions where each activity is carefully selected for its effectiveness as an enabler of learning and skills transfer. I have rarely worked with someone so professional and expert in her field

Kate Cobb, KC Consulting Ltd