The Exceptional Trainer

Exceptional resultsWith so many exciting innovations in the training and development profession, The Exceptional Trainer programme presents an opportunity to add exceptional value to the business via training and development interventions.  The content of The Exceptional Trainer course is constantly evolving and therefore current and at the forefront of new developments from training needs analysis through to evaluation and transfer of learning.

We will introduce you to best practice and provide you with a thorough insight of the training cycle – we will show you how to create added value at every stage of the process. An additional benefit is that we will take a look at your individual training style and consider how you can adapt that style in a range of situations to maximise impact and be exceptional.

Duration: 2 Days

The aim of this exciting Exceptional Trainer workshop is:

  • To develop your ability to adapt your style to get the best from people and work with a range of different situations and people
  • Successfully meet learners development needs and expectations through effective identification of need and recommend appropriate solutions to appeal to a range of learning styles.
  • Make learning and development effective, exciting and creative.
  • Identify and implement pre- & post training transfer of learning strategies
  • To make sure that you are The Exceptional Trainer
  • Most of all, to build confidence, the confidence to know that whatever is thrown at you, you will be able to make it work.

This course will appeal to training and development professionals who wish to:

  • Identify methods & materials to create significantly more effective retention of knowledge / information
  • Design training solutions that help the brain to remember
  • Create a much more rewarding experience for both the trainer and learners
  • Considerably reduced course preparation time and hence cost
  • Develop self-awareness about your influence as a trainer in a group situation
  • Learn how to influence difficult people and ensure positive gains for all
  • Create opportunities for learning transfer

The Exceptional Trainer Course Content

The purpose and principles of training and development needs analysis and the process of translating the results into a specification

  • Selecting appropriate methods of collecting and gathering information from individuals and across the organisation
  • Use of appropriate techniques of interviewing and analysis to identify the
  • learning requirements and needs of individuals
  • Identifying skills and knowledge requirements.
  • Creating a development plan.
  • Differentiate between a range of learning opportunities and methods and match
  • them appropriately to individuals training and development needs
  • Research ways in which people learn – Learning theories and your learning style
  • Promoting learning transfer
  • Creating brain friendly learning resources & design training and development
  • Appeal to Memory, Understanding & Doing (MUD)
  • Creating a scene of success its ok to fail in this classroom!
  • Connecting content-to-content and content to learners.
  • Identifying barriers to learning and motivating learners
  • Pre- post course plans to transfer the learning into the workplace – developing a learning contract

Be the exceptional trainer. Develop techniques to create rapport with learners

  • Successfully manage group dynamics
  • Manage behaviour that is not focused on learning
  • Interpret non verbal messages
  • Employ effective non verbal techniques
  • Using competition constructively
  • Providing developmental feedback
  • Identifying states, prisoners, passengers, protesters and participants!
  • Managing and changing participant states
  • Effective evaluation – what is missing from the Kirkpatrick method of evaluation and how to fill the gap