The Three R's Recruitment, Retention and ReputationOffering feedback to unsuccessful candidates who have attended for interview is considered best practice in recruitment and selection. It places a value on those who have shown an interest in working at your organisation and have made a commitment to both apply and attend for an interview.

The Three R’s Recruitment, Retention and Reputation

In the past, prospective employees joined an organisation to gain an income or experience. Now, candidates are not only looking for a job, but a career. In order to attract and retain talent, organizations must enhance their value proposition by increasing their reputation as “the place to work” in the communities in which they operate.

Now, more than ever, organizations have a opportunity to strengthen their brand through their recruitment activity.  An organization’s reputation is crucial when thinking about joining. The proactive organizations focus on branding through quality products and services, strong values that matter to employees, such as corporate responsibility initiatives, to attract high potential employees and ensure the strength managerial talent.

It’s essential that following a recruitment interview the applicants maintain a favourable view of your organisation, remember that applicants and their families may be your customers as well as potential employees, so it makes business sense to be fair and courteous

Also, there may be future job vacancies for which the candidate would be suitable and for which you would wish them to apply. Failure to get one job does not necessarily mean unsuitability for other jobs with the organisation.

 “Vodafone sees every candidate as an actual or potential customer. If a company values its brand, it will consider all the things that people will remember about it”

Using Recruitment Agencies

There are a variety of recruitment attraction methods available today and yet there still remains a demand for recruitment agencies to assist employers to attract and recruit key personnel to their organisations. Selecting the right agency and developing a strong relationship is essential to ensure that the agency has the ability to act as an extension of your brand. 

To ensure market reputation – talk to your network about which agencies they are using and seek candidate or client testimonials from your chosen supplier.

  • Look for an agency that is willing to align their client offering with your culture and values.

 Add Value

Providing feedback can be an uncomfortable process for the person giving the feedback, particularly if the candidate failed to answer some or all of the questions adequately or was unsuitable for the post.

The general aim of feedback is to provide constructive advice to demonstrate why the candidate did not get the job, and to add value you may suggest some activities that could be of benefit to the candidate’s development. 


The following are key points to consider when giving feedback:

  1. Check whether the candidate wants feedback, not everyone does!
  2. Ensure that the feedback is based on an objective judgment relevant to the selection criteria for the job taken directly from the job specification
  3.  Feedback given must be based on the actual notes taken during the  interview
  4. Feedback should incorporate both positive evaluations from the selection process in addition to observation on areas where the candidate did not demonstrate that he/she met the criteria for the post
  5. Feedback should be constructive e.g. suggesting ways in which the candidate may obtain the skills and experience necessary for the job
  6. Feedback should be consistent with the majority decision of the selection panel, even if the individual providing the feedback does not agree with the decision
  7.  When providing feedback over the telephone it is important to check that it is a convenient time for the candidate to speak as they may want to ask specific questions 
  8. Select carefully who will provide the feedback, the candidate may ask questions relating to a technical/specialist area of the post or his/her own experience that the individual giving feedback is not familiar with
  9. Create a “feel good” factor do no harm to the candidate!
  10.  Always keep a record of any feedback given to candidates


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