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Many of the training products in our training shop are free of charge. The resources are used by individual trainers, corporate trainers, busy managers and learners.

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Many organisations use our training materials to supplement in house courses and to to curate content for blended learning approaches.



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  • What is your relationship with conflict? Conflict, it's highly probable! We all bring different ideas, goals, values, beliefs and needs to teams. These differences are a primary strength. However, the same differences inevitably lead to conflict. This free resource will help you to understand your relationship with conflict. You will identify your dominant conflict management style. With heightened self awareness you will know how to intentionally select a response that enables dialogue. Take a look at this product - Exploring Conflict Competence  
  • Wonky Wings Team Problem Solving Activity. Teams are faced with a problem in an airline that threatens to impact cabin crew..Through a process of elimination they need to contain the problem.  We use this fabulous training activity in our Problem Solving and Decision Making Training Course. This training resource comes complete with A trainer guide
  • What is your working style? Do you have a "Be Perfect" style or perhaps you try to "Please People".... maybe your "Try Hard" style is irritating your colleagues. This 22 page case study activity will enable you to analyse your team's working styles and the effects of those styles on relationships and time management. A useful resource to use in team building courses.
  • What are your learning preferences? This handy little E book provides a range of useful activities for people who need to make the best of a learning experience. You may be returning to learning and have forgotten what works well for you. perhaps you need to reassess how you learn best. Most of all you will need to know how to enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills. Great for those who are returning to the classroom after a long absence and for those who need to accelerate their learning Read about the roles of Memory, Understanding, and Doing in learning  
  • The we fix broken people decision making activity takes place in The “We Fix Broken People Hospital" in Bodge, who are the proud recipient of a new kidney dialysis machine. The machine is a technological miracle, a godsend to those with kidney disease it prolongues the life of those suffering from otherwise terminal cases of kidney disease. The machine functions just as a healthy human kidney would. By being hooked up to the machine for twenty four hours a week, patients are less likely to die of their kidney complaint than from some other ailment, unconnected with their kidney disorder. Recognising bias in decision making can help us to avoid them. We all take mental shortcuts which help us reach quick judgements when we have little time which can result in flawed decisions and result in bias. This team activity enables consensus decision making and provides a platform from which to explore bias
  • Transferable Skills Self Assessment

    Transferable skills are those skills that are essential for a flexible approach to the challenges that work can present. Your life is forever being shaped by past experiences and you can put those to work in responding to future opportunities. Identifying transferable skills goes beyond what you learn in a formal context and helps you to consider what you can contribute of value to new opportunities. This 40 item assessment enables you to identify your transferable skills and core competencies.
  • What is the point of sending people for training and failing to help them to practice their new skills in the real work environment? This resource provides guidance, tips, and tools for managers to help them to provide opportunity to align new skills to create business benefit through transfer of learning initiatives
  • So you need to select a training provider? Before selecting a provider of training it is essential that you ensure that your requirements for the standards and outcomes from the training are clear. Now you have invited suppliers to tender for the work and need criteria to assess against.  You will find the training provider assessment useful in assessing their professionalism, credibility and competence. Spectrain use this assessment tool on our Professional Training Coordinator Programme
  • Tips for Improving Employee Performance How many of these approaches do you use to explore performance issues to enhance employee performance? This free product from Spectrain may simply refresh your memory of techniques that you haven't used for a while, or it could provide you with new ideas about how to manage a particular performance issue Take a look at Spectrain's courses related to  Managing People and Performance Training
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