• This Coaching Curiosity activity is packed with over 100 questions you can use immediately  to enable you to prepare for your coaching session. Being well prepared you will demonstrate interest and curiosity and appropriately explore issues during a coaching session. Check out:  Coaching models from GROW to ACHIEVE
  • 120 competency based questions related to the following competency areas: Accountability, Teamwork, Integrity, Transparent Communications, Job Satisfaction, Customer Focus, Respect and Excellence. We use this resource on our Competency Based Recruitment and Selection training course
  • Competency statements for frameworks is for you if you are developing a competency based approach to people management. It contains 128 competency statements grouped into 17 competency sets including: Planning, Decision Making, Business Ethics, Research Skills and many more. Use during recruitment or competency based performance management activities. Take a look at our Competency Based Recruitment and Selection Training Course
  • A valuable cross cultural kaleidoscope case study providing you with the opportunity to explore and understand 8 cultural dimensions Extra Reading
  • In this guide to designing competency based training and assessment materials we share some of the techniques that we use to ensure that consistent competence is developed and assessed through design. Content of Designing competency based learning and assessment materials includes:
    • Developing specifications of Units of Competence
    • Designing an assessment strategy and competency based assessments, including, diagnostic assessments, formative assessments and summative assessments.
    • Identifying sources of assessment evidence
    • Designing valid, reliable and fair assessment materials
    Take a look at Learning By Design our latest competency based training course aimed specifically at developing learning design skills
  • It is possible  to develop a positive outlook. To train your thoughts, develop an optimistic thinking style. A mindset that not only reduces stress, it also enables greater choices when faced with challenging situations. An optimistic focus enables you to be more resilient. Cope better with the unexpected, minimise stress, feel empowered and successfully manage the issues that prevent you from achieving your goals.
  • Developing People Competency Assessment

    Managers, do you take advantage of opportunities to develop your people? Spectrain's developing people competency assessment will help you to identify how effective you are maximizing these opportunities when they come along. This 20 question competency assessment will enable you to assess your approach and plan for action to maximise formal and informal development opportunities.  
  • Dragons' Den Dragons' Den Team development Activity is a competitive team activity is based upon the popular TV series where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas for a business to secure investment from elite business entrepreneurs. We use this resource during assessment centres and team development days.  Groups have 3.5 hours to form teams, devise a business idea and define their market. Teams will  create a ‘pitch’ for investment from the Dragons. This activity requires demonstration of the following competency areas:
    • Team Working
    • Creativity
    • Working to a Deadline
    • Presentation Skills
    • Influencing
    • Innovation
    • Critical Reasoning
    • Numeracy
    • Market Research.
      The dragons den team development activity runs over the course of a typical classroom day (approx 6 hours for teams to develop their concept, pitch their ideas and receive feedback) should you require assessment materials and a competency framework to support this activity Spectrain would be happy to design these for you. This resource is in PowerPoint format and comes with an animated slide show containing assessment criteria.
  • Emotional intelligent communication is essential to maintaining quality in relationships. It is very difficult for us to leave our emotions at home. We have all reacted upon impulse when we have felt frustrated at work. Self awareness and self mastery enables us to press pause and reflect before reacting. Therefore it is worth investing some time in self awareness the key to understanding ourselves and others a little better. This resource helps you to assess the following areas of emotional intelligence
    • Self Awareness
    • Self Management
    • Awareness of Others
    • Relating to Others
    If you are interested in developing self awareness take a look at: Developing a positive outlook
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