• Exploring Conflict Competence

    We use this Exploring Conflict Competence case study as an  introduction to our respond to conflict with confidence  training course. the resource contains a case study, and a description of conflict management competencies. In addition it contains a team conflict competence model for constructive conversations. Once upon a time a shepherd was on his way to his home in Shepherds Bush. Coming to a meadow he saw three men standing there, crying. So he stopped and asked, “My children, what is the matter?” And they answered, “Our father just passed away, and we loved him so much.” “But,” said the shepherd, “I am sure he loved you too, and no doubt he has left something behind for you?” The three men answered, “Yes, he did indeed. He left behind sheep. And in his will it is stated 1/2 to the eldest son, 1/3 to the second and 1/9 to the youngest. We love sheep, we agree with the parts to each. But there is a conflict: he left behind 17 sheep and we have been to school, we know that 17 is a prime number. We cannot divide them.”
  • Exploring Cultural Differences Group Activity is a hugely entertaining activity enabling a group to explore cultural differences and what happens when we fail to pay attention and respect those cultural differences. The activity focuses on etiquette during meetings and greetings, dress code, dining out. Without fail this activity apart from being a fun method of learning generates endless discussion about culture, our perceptions, and how our behaviour causes conflict. We use this in our Developing Business Awareness Training Course
  •   Facilitation is essentially a combination of process and skills that can be used in any situation where a group of people come together to communicate with the aim of achieving joint objectives. This resource is designed to introduce you to the concept of facilitation it is packed full of process tools, and techniques to enable you to be awesome in your facilitation of groups at meetings and training events.
    • If you want to further develop your facilitation skills, you will enjoy our Fabulous Facilitation Training Course
  • Fagin's Boys Case Study Identifying Competencies....Mr Fagin has called in management consultants Waif and Stray to help him identify what he should be looking for when he replaces his “boys. This case study activity is packed with competency statements and a job specification enabling you to identify the competencies required for the role and utilise competency based questions to help you to recruit for Mr Fagin. A useful training aid for competency based recruitment courses, and competency framework development. Have confidence in your competence with Spectrain's Competency Development Training Courses
  • Fifteen Employee Recognition Methods. A  free check-list of ideas on how to provide employees with the recognition and encouragement they need to continue to be motivated at work.
  • Geronimo Domino is a fast and fun team development activity. Teams need to work at pace to devise a strategy to minimise the risk of their domino tower falling when it comes under attack from competing teams. We use this activity as an icebreaker or energizer on our team development workshops.
  • How effective is your communication? Would you like to explore the effectiveness of your communication? This is one of our favourite resources, have a little fun with miscommunication before getting serious and completing the communications assessment containing 80 questions in 10 dedicated areas.  
  • Our HR Auditor Handbook enables you to audit processes in 10 functional areas in your HR Department. This handbook contains over 450 questions in 10 functional HR Areas to enable you to approach your HR Audit activity with confidence. Read about the benefits of a HR Audit
  • Identifying change agents can sometimes be terribly difficult. Who are those people who will drive change forward with persistence and conviction? This weighted questionnaire will enable you to identify and evaluate potential change agents against a range of valid criteria. You might like to check out our Change Leadership Training Course
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