• The Ethical Governance Tool Kit is an asset for organisations of all sizes who are considering whether their approach to governance is ethical. An important part of the process will be for your organisation whether long-established or just starting up to review the principles in order to identify and prioritise what is essential and appropriate ethical behaviour for you. Many organisations will find that they already follow or go beyond these principles. Others may wish to make changes in their current practices to align behaviours with their values. What is vital is to assess and strengthen your practices this resource supports that work.
  • Implementing a successful coaching programme Coaching as a performance management method has grown rapidly in recent years. Many human resource professionals would benefit from guidance to help them implement a successful coaching programme in their organisations. The topics and materials in this training tool kit provide  practical guidance about what coaching is and how to best implement it in the organisation. This resource provides a strategy to enable you to implement a successful approach to coaching as a performance management and support tool This 36 page guide provides guidance in the following areas:
    • Selecting a coach
    • Developing internal coaches
    • The coaching process
    • Assessment methods
    • Using multi rater feedback
    • Evaluating results from coaching activity
    • Distance /remote coaching
    • The role of HR in supporting coaching
    • Coaching intake form
    • Coaching contract
    • A coaching progress log
    Develop your in house coaches with our critical competencies for credible coaches course
  • Dragons' Den Dragons' Den Team development Activity is a competitive team activity is based upon the popular TV series where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas for a business to secure investment from elite business entrepreneurs. We use this resource during assessment centres and team development days.  Groups have 3.5 hours to form teams, devise a business idea and define their market. Teams will  create a ‘pitch’ for investment from the Dragons. This activity requires demonstration of the following competency areas:
    • Team Working
    • Creativity
    • Working to a Deadline
    • Presentation Skills
    • Influencing
    • Innovation
    • Critical Reasoning
    • Numeracy
    • Market Research.
      The dragons den team development activity runs over the course of a typical classroom day (approx 6 hours for teams to develop their concept, pitch their ideas and receive feedback) should you require assessment materials and a competency framework to support this activity Spectrain would be happy to design these for you. This resource is in PowerPoint format and comes with an animated slide show containing assessment criteria.
  • This Service Survival Tool Kit will help you to identify those difficult customer behaviours, and provide you with strategies to minimise their impact leaving you feeling good about yourself for avoiding conflicts that spiral out of control. We know that you provide great customer service, but service can go off track when faced with a behaviour that you fail to recognise as challenging and before you know it there you are in a negative spiral  its those tricky situations that this tool kit will help you to recognise and manage
  • Our HR Auditor Handbook enables you to audit processes in 10 functional areas in your HR Department. This handbook contains over 450 questions in 10 functional HR Areas to enable you to approach your HR Audit activity with confidence. Read about the benefits of a HR Audit
  • This workbook provides the tools and techniques, templates and assessments to enable you to make a start. To justify the approach to stakeholders. To manage the process and to ensure your competencies are measurable and legally defensible.   You will also find the article Articulating Competencies on our blog
  • Mentor Me

    Mentor me is our mentoring support service for business leaders. Running a business and leading others can be a lonely task, many people benefit from time out and the guidance of an experienced mentor. A mentor will encourage and support you to make the most of yourself and your business. The greatest value is often in taking a step back and seeing your business through someone else’s eyes. From my own experience. I know how useful it can be to share and learn from the experience of somebody who has been there before you.  

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