Problem Solving and Decision Making Training Course

Our Problem Solving and Decision Making Training Course is highly interactive, packed with activities that enable you to apply a range of problem solving and decision making techniques and develop critical thinking competencies.

Who will Benefit?

Duration 2 days. This two day event is designed for anyone who is responsible for:

  • Resolving issues quickly and accurately.
  • Developing innovative solutions to problems.
  • Applying objective judgment to decision making.
  • Monitoring successful implementation of solutions

Performance Objectives:

  • problem solving and decision making training courseYou will learn valuable techniques and methodologies to expand your critical thinking abilities
  • You will discover techniques to enable you to accurately define a problem So, you will be sure you are working on the problem itself – and not the symptoms
  • Recognise the 7 fatal flaws of thinking (and learn how to fix them)
  • You will “Mind the Gap” between the problem and procrastination and recognise the common pitfalls encountered when problem solving
  • Recognise when to consult and involve others in the process of problem solving and decision making
  • Utilize appropriate and useful techniques such as Mind Mapping ©, Brainstorming, Ishikawa Diagrams, Lateral Thinking Techniques, Evaluation Techniques, SWOT analyses
  • Overcome barriers to effective problem solving and utilize group problem solving techniques
  • You will sell credible solutions to stakeholders

The adaptability of this program makes it applicable for a wide range of organizational levels from senior managers wanting to enhance their critical thinking skills to front-line staff who have had little experience with problem solving training.

Watch and Learn about the 7 thinking flaws 

Problem Solving and Decision Making Course Content

Gathering Evidence – Heart or Mind Strategy

  • An understanding of a variety of approaches to effectively collecting information to solve problems.
  • How your emotions can influence your reactions – controlling bias and identifying credible criteria
  • Recognise the 7 fatal flaws of thinking
  •  Understanding Thinking Patterns Do you go towards > or Away from < Your Goal?
  • The Way We See the Problem Avoiding Positive/Negative Generalization
  • Making Decisions – Your Experience of Yesterday What did you learn then to apply to today or tomorrow?
  • The Decision Making Model Apply the Six Step Approach

A Toolkit of Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques

The toolkit contains 16 problem solving and decision making methods

  • Weighting Criteria
  • Brainstorming
  • Mind Mapping
  • New Shoes
  • SWOT
  • Ishikawa Technique
  • Rainbow Textiles Interactive Activity
  • Mind the Gap! – Traps to avoid! The Anchoring Trap. The Status Quo Trap, The Sunk Cost Trap, The Confirming Evidence Trap, The Framing Trap, The Recent Event Trap
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Reversal
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Six Hats Creative and Innovative Decision Making
  • Using VHF! Create positive neural pathways. Use multiple intelligences
  • Make an Informed Decision and Sell It

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