training services design and delivery of blended learning

Spectrain’s training services include both design and delivery of blended approaches to learning to enable efficiency through a variety of methods and media.

On these pages you will find overviews of  just a few of our training courses and development resources. We occasionally run open training events, if we get a huge demand for a particular training programme from a range of customers and when that happens we will host an event via Eventbrite.


Change in business is constant and this means our training services are continually evolving to enable you to provide just in time skills and essential knowledge at the time of need via a variety of flexible methods.

We design, new training materials for organisations on a regular basis, these materials include compliance training materials to ensure people are current and learning resources to enable people to develop the specific competencies required for effective performance at work and the capabilities for sustained business success.

Training Services

Learning by Design

Learning designed to develop the competence and capability required to take your business forward with confidence.

Learning by Design

Have confidence in your competence!

Make Them Stop and Stare

With our persuasive presentation design and coaching service you will create S.T.A.R. Moments

Ignite and Excite

Plan a S.T.A.R. Moment (Something They’ll Always Remember)

Avoid The Sheep Dip

Instead of thinking about the audience as a unified herd, imagine them as a line of individuals waiting to have a conversations with you -notice their different learning preferences.

Avoid The Sheep Dip

When learning is tailored learners benefit from a tailored individual experience. Blending enables learning designers to put greater emphasis on methods that align with individual preferences

We update this site and Spectrain’s Shop with new training course outlines and personal development resources on a regular basis.

training services design and delivery of blended learningSpectrain design bite sized Learning Snacks and Meaningful Mini Messages, flexible approaches to developing essential competencies –  take a look at The Art of Persuasion – just one product in our Learning Snacks Tool Kit


Our brochure of training courses contains many more examples of the training courses, business development services and resources available. Please complete the contact form to request a copy.